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Best Bigger Butt Exercises at Home 20 minute Lower Body Workout Butt Lift

Join Joy in this 20 minute at home workout designed to tone the lower body and give you a butt lift. These exercises will help tone your butt and thigh muscles to give you a bigger more shapely bottom.

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45 comments on “Best Bigger Butt Exercises at Home 20 minute Lower Body Workout Butt Lift
  1. Ram Das says:

    Any one tested out the Clegenatur Methods (google search it)? We have heard many amazing things about it. a lot of people increase their cup size using it.

  2. Jin kudo says:

    hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to uncover how to get a bigger bum try Ichordo Better Butt Fixer (just google it ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my cousin got excellent results with it.

  3. Taylor Rowe says:

    You are seriously my favorite! I love following along with your workouts. 🙂 And I love your positive energy.

  4. Why does white women want bigger butts all of a sudden? I swear women are the easiest to herd.

  5. TheRobwynge says:

    Some of these comments are ridiculous! Joy looks great and not every woman wants to join a male-oriented gym and start throwing big weights around.

  6. sootherbs says:

    this is good for a nighttime workout, it's a bit of a challenge but also a good stretch and relax routine.

  7. Anyone know what is Clegenatur Methods about? I hear many people enhance their bust size naturally with Clegenatur Methods (look on google search engine).

  8. Snick1e says:

    Love this! Joy you're awesome! I'm English so 'bottom' is hilarious!!

  9. PerameneHera says:

    Can you do a stretching video that targets the hips? Because im aiming for my splits and my flexibility is good but its my hips that are starting to really open and i feel pain when i go down into the splits so i need more advance hip stretches

  10. baby jo says:

    I love a good work out where I can feel the burn. But the workouts I usually do trigger breathing problems that I have. I found that doing these really helped with controlling my breathing while feeling the burn. Thank you

  11. Alexis Kraus says:

    I like your different accents!

  12. michelle#1 says:

    omg it worked XD yay
    thx for the vid it was helpful

  13. +joyscola thanks for uploading this video, I feel really toned up and flexible after doing this keep up the good work joy !!! :)

  14. Your videos are always extremely helpful, and you're a splendid teacher who's always Joyous! (Pun intended) but this video you seemed even more playful, relaxed, and centered. But i can imagine how great it must be for you to be in your Ring of Power ☺, at your home. These exercises seem like they'd be great for Chakra work as well, keep up the marvelous job Joy! 

  15. HeyStranger says:

    body goals! and face goals… just everything goals Joy is perfect <3

  16. Shane Conboy says:

    If ever someone's name reflected their personality then Joy is it. Loving the quirkiness :)

  17. T D9 says:

    Joy you have the cutest little belly button lol…is it an innie or an outie??

  18. Lovebug says:

    Yoga to tighten core would be great if u can do a video:)thx Joy

  19. Lovebug says:

    Thx Joy for the exercises but can u plz do one on flexible bodies thx Good job Joy

  20. Rayve Napsu says:

    ♫ I like big butts and I cannot lie. ♬

  21. eDDymOnStRo says:

    Nice yoga mat, I have the same one and color. 

  22. SQUAT! LUNGE! DEADLIFT!…… This is bull… Look at your pancakes…..

  23. This makes you go from white to latina?

  24. Riley Bryga says:

    Thank you joy for being in my life. Even if its only on youtube. Thank you.

  25. Dean Copper says:

    Ha Joy has a painting of biggy

  26. Love you Joy! Your workouts are the best and so relaxing!!!! I've never been as excited as I am now to workout. Thank you for taking the time to help us get back in shape and feel great while doing it!

  27. your very inspiring and you are the main reason I started yoga, your form, you just seem so giddy but those eyes and smile leave me captured.  The sad thing is I don't find to many of your videos but perhaps you have a dvd? Remember keep smiling and always stay beautiful!

  28. Nashresi says:

    Joy is so charming & beautiful !

  29. grayshark74 says:

    FFLJ- Foot Fetishists Love Joy!

  30. Also I cracked up at 11:26 when the camera lens slowly peeked into view from the left side of the screen :D

  31. Cool shorts.  Also love the artwork in your yoga room, the one on the far left looks manga-inspired but it's kind of hard to see :)

  32. Any tips for getting rid of belly fat? I have a bit of gut and I have an event coming up, would really appreciate any tips to get rid of that gut! Love the vids 😀 x 

  33. Mark Jones says:

    If you keep doing this, is your butt going to get as big and round as Courtney's?

  34. yolol says:

    i got a good stretch in my hamstrings/hips/glutes. i too quite liked how you let your personality shine through, i look forward to the next one :)

  35. Please I want workout to loss mybutt

  36. Where did yall get that brown couch?!?! #awesome

  37. For once a realistic comment on my part with no wry remarks, staying in touch with my excellent decorum. Joy seems like a wonderful, highly marketable, choice for the new Psychetruth line up. You guys are also upping your ante in patreon which is welcome, because you're also upping your production value. videos are getting better and better everyday. Good job, guys.

  38. I'm not sure what sparkles more her outfit or her eyes. Loving the videos, Joy.

  39. I'm not sure what sparkles more her outfit or her eyes. Loving the videos, Joy.

  40. Avooz1 says:

    The extra little dances and songs made me smile.

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