part 4 Core & More

The exercises featured in WOMEN S HEALTH – PERFECT BODY WORKOUT are specifically designed to shed pounds tone the entire body and target several muscle groups at once. It’s a varied medley of no-nonsense, total-body exercises. Nothing fancy — this is simply a well-designed, well-cued workout. You get two cardio styles: kickboxing and “sports” (inspired by swimming, tennis and skating). They include higher and lower-impact moves with optional intensity boosters. The strength section is exceptionally thorough. It engages multiple muscle groups while working the large and small muscles through every possible plane. The transitions are fast and the variety is immense. The core-focused floorwork ranges from side planks to lotus crunches. Amy Dixon’s cuing is straight-forward and friendly. Has a bonus 10-minute stretch workout. Requires 3 to 10 lb. dumbbells.


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