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It’s episode one of our Victoria’s Secret Angel series! Today we’re focusing on getting legs like your favorite Victoria’s Secret models. Want to learn how to get legs like Candice Swanepoel? Fitness trainer Rebecca-Louise has you covered!

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28 comments on “How to Get Legs Like a Victoria’s Secret Angel Model
  1. ok bye says:

    how long do u have to do this for (how many days)

  2. Will it really work plzz.tell me … I want my legs like victoria mam .. plzz tell

  3. Yee-Ling Cho says:

    Starting this today (2/7/17), will report progress in a month 🙂 Hopefully good news! ^^ I'm fairly short (4'9"), so I don't have much legs to begin with so I hope this can help with some toning and tightening!

  4. Katerina K. says:

    will this help you get rid of cellulite?

  5. Nina Malová says:

    i dont know what to eat after workout can u help me please?

  6. CheetA Tse says:

    love her encouragement and positivity it just feels good working out tgt with her. pity shes not producing videos

  7. Vieve says:

    Ok I am a kid and I thought this was easy

  8. Vieve says:

    Is it just me or does she seem sad in this one

  9. I'm trying this out everyday not only to lose weight but to use this to warm out my muscles for stretching to get the splits ill keep everyone posted – I'm actually going to do it unlike some others haha xx

  10. Agui Huss says:

    I've been doing this almost once a day for 1-2 weeks and my calves and my thighs are so much slimmer. I can really see an improvement. I highly recommend it.

  11. Megija _k says:

    It seems pretty great. I am gonna try this. Should I keep you updated?

  12. SisterSet 04 says:

    I really need some advice! I'm 12.5, 5'4" and weigh 155 lbs! Please no hate Ik I'm overweight. Please comment some advice, I want to get in shape for summer…

  13. Aparna Menon says:

    what stretches should i do before/after this workout?

  14. Luisa Emilia says:

    How many calories am I burning with this workout?

  15. I did it one day but after that I feel so painful in my legs…. what can I do

  16. Ki Ra says:

    Am I doing something wrong? My butt feels like slobber right now.

  17. Kyla Chan says:

    OMG ITS MOSTLY BALLET IM LAUGHING; Pile? Ronde Jambe? Développé??

  18. Shruti Rao says:

    how many calories does this workout burn?

  19. AlliAsAlways says:

    What a fantastic video!! Thank you!

  20. Jules Noelle says:

    My legs are big from muscle, not fat… is this going to make my legs smaller even though I have a lot of leg muscle (from years of competitive swimming)

  21. Chloe Fray says:

    Starting this on Christmas Day, I'll keep you all updated! I love my body but there's room for improvement :)

  22. Ashley 3102 says:

    I just started this today. And my calves burn. I'll keep updating on my results weekly

  23. OliOn Line says:

    She will newer have Legs Like a Victoria's Secret Angel Model because of her genetics

  24. Sophie says:

    in fact she doesn't have legs like Victoria's secret models…I don't know what she and everyone sees but i'm not blind her legs are clearly very far from slender.., so explain to me how with these exercises we are going to get model's legs

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