Sexy Fitness Model Vicky Justiz is showing you a good legs and butt workout at home to get a nice round bubble butt and sexy fit legs.
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17 comments on “Sexy Lower Body Workout – At Home – No Equipment
  1. I love your body the way I want to touch

  2. Rosa C. says:

    Can you guys do a back workout please? I can't find any in your channel :(

  3. 88gt306 says:

    Thumbnails always get me…

  4. jorge blast says:

    Nice ass, perfect for a bait mmmmm

  5. DAMN – those legs don't quit!!!

  6. haber si lla sales en tanguita red

  7. spicy j says:

    That ass is looking good

  8. she is gorgeous why people try to hear or see the negative stuff!

  9. are u girls on strict diet and if so u should do a video on what u eat

  10. kramer911 says:

    her bones are breaking omg!!

  11. Aadon Miller says:

    Is that her knees cracking

  12. Awesome work V. Those glutes are looking full and juicy.

  13. happy holidays everyone !

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