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25 comments on “How to reduce Butt Fat and Overall body Fat – Reduce Inner Thighs
  1. I need to loose my hip fat faster is it possible?

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  3. Evan Chavez says:

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  4. Sangi G says:

    i hav a knee problem i cnt do squats nd lunges.. any other opetions???

  5. each and every step is just perfect. works for sure. keep it up

  6. hey I have a doubt, if you do lunges and squads ur thighs would bulge

  7. sona thakur says:

    plz e btya k iska sath kuj deit pln v follw krna k nh

  8. mah Noor says:

    how many days should I do this

  9. nooooooo dont make them smaller !

  10. plz hip kum karay ka batao bohat zada hai

  11. i eas 300 pound now down 246

  12. Cosmic Looms says:

    The thumbnail is a zoom in and a zoom out, CHEATERS!

  13. Why would you want to make your butt smaller?!

  14. Wei Zhao says:

    First one looks better

  15. kathy m says:

    aren't these exercises to gain butt ?? I seen the same exercises on other videos to get a bigger butt !

  16. I need to loss my fat ass everyone teases me

  17. OGsparepants says:

    why would you want to get rid of butt fat.

  18. for how many months should we do to reduce it

  19. physical activities like dancing also

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