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35 comments on “10 Minute Butt and Thigh Workout to Burn Fat, Build Lean Muscle & Tone
  1. K H-C says:

    Love to tack this one on with shorter cardio and/or upper body workouts for well-rounded full body work out.

  2. Noldy says:

    Workout complete 02.11.2016 – 5.34am

  3. workout complete thanks guys, love from mauritius

  4. K H-C says:

    Tackled this one today after a 16 minute lower body HIIT workout. I'm now quite pleased with myself, even if my legs are 'angry' with me for the moment! Great workout as usual.

  5. StaVroula141 says:

    I've used the same weights for 1 year and i see no improvement. Should i add weights?

  6. PLEASE more 10 minute weight videos (for lower body) like this! I've been alternating between the two you have!

  7. Noldy says:

    Workout Complete. 507am 29-8-2016

  8. I would love to try these but I have retrolisthesis of the L5S1 and also have sciatica in my right hip with a strange pain manifesting in my left knee. Worried that it will aggravate.

  9. Dear Kellie & Daniel! I know a lot of people thank you for providing this workouts for us and I want to thank you too. I´m using it a lot and I think it´s a great thing you do. Its also a democratic way of getting fit. Being healthy and fit is getting more and more a luxurious product, which only rich ppl can enjoy. Many people can´t afford going to a studio or doing some extravagant sport-activity and for example a single-mother just doesn´t have enough spare time between working and stuff. There is a lot of pressure on men and women to look slim and sporty, but at the same time so many companies try to make money with this situation. There are so many myths, miracle-products, body-shaming ect, and its super refreshing to see how you two trie to bring a bit of clarity, health and humanity in this battlefield. Greets from Austria

  10. 18.07.16…workout complete!

  11. Nicky Naz says:

    is it make butt smaller or bigger??

  12. wow…a short yet great workout!

  13. Bolle says:

    Thank you for this easy to follow, no nonsense workout that I can fit in while dinner is cooking.

  14. K H-C says:

    I really think this is one of their tougher short lower body workouts. Quick and brutal! Love it-

  15. Lucy N says:

    +FitnessBlender how do you target the the muscle that is in the crease of the butt

  16. Boost Freaks says:

    I've made it a personal challenge not to use any extra weights during my workouts, so I did this routine 3 times in a row, with a quick water break in between and doing the boxer shuffle as active rest for the 20 second intervals between exercises. #lowimpact #sweatfest #legsonfire

  17. Alicia B says:

    I've been doing this workout and a few other of the thigh/butt workouts
    plus cardio and other toning workouts from you guys for about a month
    and a half, and I am already seeing results. My legs are much stronger,
    and my thighs are tightening up! I am definitely seeing less cellulite
    if any at all now on my butt and thighs! Thank you so much for these
    videos! You guys are awesome!

    Reference for those who need it: Female, 24 years, 5'3", 132 pounds, pear-shaped.

  18. Ivey Thursby says:

    I just found you guys! How is that? lol This 10 minute leg workout kicked my butt! I love it! I think I just found my new favorite youtube channel!

  19. Do squats make your butt bigger or smaller ??? =-O I am confused tell me !!!

  20. MamaBird4 says:

    My bunz are burnin' thanks girl!

  21. nicole bull says:

    My heart is pounding! Pooped and sweaty. Thanks~!

  22. I'm Adwoa says:

    Thnx for the exercise feel my muscles toned already!!

  23. Hypothisos says:

    I think i might do these a few times before I add weights into the workout.

  24. my legs are mush!! Thank you!

  25. Great workout. Kelli, what type of Nike shoes are those? I have barefoot Merrells which I love under other circumstances, but after 9 months of working out with y'all and doing so much HIIT, they are taking a toll on my feet and ankles.

  26. Anna O'Bryan says:

    The preview in the left-hand corner has reverse lunges and deadlifts in the opposite order.

    Otherwise, great workout! Fitness Blender workouts are my favorite :)

  27. vaynol81 says:

    damn Kelly u sexy as fuck! perfect white girl thick lol!

  28. I don't have such heavy dumbbells :/

  29. I'm not normally a big fan of strength exercised but I loved this!

  30. She is great! I love her being my trainer.

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