A 10 Minute workout that uses kettlebell exercises to sculpt those arms & abs and tone your legs. Kettlebell is a great tool to add diversity to your workout.


43 comments on “10 Minute Kettlebell Workout for an efficient Total Body Workout
  1. Hi Miss Amy! im kind off intested in using kettlebells since i dont have anytime to go to gyms or even jog outside. my weight is around 77 lb what kettlebell should i start using?

  2. what is the weight of your kettlebell?

  3. I bought a kettlebell in order to work on my upper arm strength. My arms are flabby.

  4. legniak1 says:

    don't kettlebell swings just do joint and spine damage?

  5. Great afternoon pick me up. Thank You!

  6. Keshav Joshi says:

    Very useful workout. Thanks.

  7. Renee david says:

    Definitely sweated out with this work out. my thighs feel like jelly lol. for sure will try the 30 minute workout tomorrow!

  8. Katrijn Cox says:

    how much weight do you suggest for a beginner?

  9. Dawn Five says:

    how many lbs. is the Kettlebell

  10. 2 kilo kettlebell is eay to light should is use 4 kilo instead?

  11. Love this workout!! After doing this video twice yesterday I'm hurting all over, but I'm back again today for another 2! Thanks for the awesome video(:

  12. James Rios says:

    Your abs are an inspiration.

    Every time I feel like giving up, I look up at the video and tell myself "you want abs like her, you gotta work"

    Good for getting a second wind. Thanks for the free work out 😀

  13. Dee V says:

    So awesome! Thank you!!

  14. Love your video. I herniated three discs 9 months ago and was off work for 6 months. I am working to get back in shape and love kettlebells but am wondering about the windmills and if it is bad for spinal issues. Do you know?

  15. Great mini workout, worked up a great fast sweat! Will check out more of your videos. Thanks

  16. very helpful to me. I'm, an NASM trainer and your videos are informative and have a lot of variety.

  17. How many kilos are you charging with this kettlebell?

  18. Thriflin 808 says:

    Awesome nice sweat! Loved every sec! Thank you !

  19. How many times a week at least do you have to do this work out?

  20. xn67 says:

    This was fantastic! All Ive been doing with Kettle Bells was carrying them around the gym and doing laps with them to strengthen my back muscles for carrying things. But this shows me other things that I can do besides lift them like normal weights. Thanks Amy!

  21. Is kettle bell the best way to tone your body and how many times per week should you train for , and how long should your workouts be for best results

  22. Ash Moran says:

    How heavy of a kettlebell should an average woman use?

  23. aslesur says:

    Have been eyeing the Kettlebells at my gym and will definitely do this workout. You remind me of Amanda Peet btw.

  24. 🙂 Excellent video. I love going to your youtube page for insight. 4:20 What if its not that your shoulder is inflexible, but you have adapted a thoracic compensation due to your hip rotation? (I'm a postural therapist). Take a peek at Egoscue. . . You can adjust that 'inflexibility' in no time and get your body WAY more functional and efficient. Again thank you SO much for your uploads. Very helpful!!!!

  25. Lisa Nelson says:

    You are a great leader Amy

  26. Audrey Teo says:

    Can I wear a weight lifting belt to protect my back? Because I have a little back pain^_^

  27. jtcber says:

    Would a 30 lb KB be too heavy for this workout? That is the only bell I have.

  28. This was fantastic, thank you!

  29. Awesome AM Workout – Happy Thankful Tuesday!!!

  30. blueroses226 says:

    What is the calorie burn for this tape?

  31. Marta Mutti says:

    and what excersise with this kettlebel is great to burn FAT? the swing? how many swings should i do to burn?

  32. What's the best weight to start with?

  33. Just did it with you! feels great. than u 🙂

  34. Pamm Meee says:

    bad knees from years of running…can't squat low…

  35. jamie l says:

    I do this workout quite a bit. Just wondering how many calories are burned approx.?

  36. Pete Corey says:

    I enjoyed this video tremendously even tho I have absolutely no intention of picking up a kettlebell.

  37. I just came here to see your abs Amy!

  38. Daryl King says:

    Damn! And I'm already fit. Thanks Amy 🙂

  39. HI! Love the workout. I was wondering if you could put up a "no music" version, so I can listen to you and my own music… as when you listen to this music enough you go a little batty. 🙂 Thanks for considering and thanks for video.

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