In this Workout Bikini Model Vicky Justiz is doing different types of Lunges to get sexy legs and a tight round booty. Lunges are a great exercise for the legs and butt.
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12 comments on “Sexy Lower Body with this 10 Minute Lunge Workout!
  1. JackieT says:

    Thanks for the good videos!!!!!!!

  2. Cruz Nunez says:

    Dyslexia had me like "lungs workout"?

  3. Rico Doms says:

    Vickie is getting hotter and more hotter OMG Her ASS grew ALOT nice work vicky

  4. :O 100 back lunges! Yes, thanks so much for stepping it up! I usually do two rounds of your exercises, but I don't think I want to do two rounds of 100 back lunges…not yet!

    Thanks for the workout Vick! 😀

  5. chictomana says:

    ok. I'm making a Vicky Justiz religion !, who's in ?

  6. chictomana says:

    Hi Vicky, can you give me your home address ?

  7. jorge blast says:

    I love those white shorts, cuz i see everything… if you know wat i mean. We need some camera zooms for more detail on the exercises.

  8. Adon Bavure says:

    such beautiful!! Love Vicky

  9. JackieT says:

    I'm subscribed to your 30 Day Butt Transformation and I love it. I'm seeing muscles where I never had them before. I just can't stop looking at my butt……LOL!!!!!!! Vicky, you're my inspiration and I thank you so very much.

  10. sexymuneca34 says:

    U only have those white short

  11. Hec87x says:

    You need to switch it up with the girls.Vicky is hot but you need to switch it out often.

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