It takes about 7 minutes for you to do the legs workout at your home without equipment. The exercises are easy to do to keep your body fit. This exercise also …


23 comments on “7 Minutes Legs Workout at Home Without Equipment For Men and Women
  1. FINALLY some exercises I can do at home!

  2. FINALLY some exercises I can do at home!

  3. Fake Gun says:

    I dont need muscle that much, im a runner, i run almost every day, but my thighs are still too fat, so does this help me to burn fat from thighs?

  4. Awesome video. Really it's not about how many you do but that you're doing them right. Proper form and technique will get you farther than doing 100 crappy crunches.

  5. Aaaaaaaand… still have no legs ! Good job pal !!

  6. Looks like a great workout.

  7. Felix Walton says:

    I have really bad knee problems in my left knee but not my right so my right is like double the size what can I do to avoid knee strain

  8. Har Sangeet says:

    The man looks like Thor hhahha

  9. Joe Sinn says:

    Search "fitfortwotv" to find the people who made this

  10. King Sanu says:

    dear can you tell me how old are you man! because i'm look likes you and i'm 42 year old so please tell me how old are you?

  11. how many times for the week should i do this?

  12. Atif Khan says:

    Thanks bro for teach some good excersice

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