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The title says it all! This fun and intense lower body workout features the very best butt and thigh, booty sculpting exercises! This lower body blast workout, will target and tone your legs, hips (saddlebags), inner and outer thighs — as well as lift, perk and round your butt! You only need your own bodyweight — no equipment needed — so let’s lose fat, burn calories, get stronger, get leaner and do this workout! Plyometrics, cardio, strength…it’s all here!

Repeat this workout 1-3 more times for an intense, 20-minute, 30-minute, or 40-minute workout!


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Mike Donavanik is a celebrity personal trainer and fitness instructor. He is the creator of the Extreme Burn DVD series and has been featured in Shape, Self, Women’s Health, Fitness, Details, Refinery 29, Men’s Fitness, Oprah.com and a number of other national and international magazines. Parts of his Extreme Burn workout series can be found on the BeFit YouTube Channel. He is also the newest addition to the Women’s Health Fit Club.


10 comments on “10 Minute Lower Body Booty Blaster :: At Home Butt and Thigh, Booty Sculpting, Lower Body Workout
  1. John Kerr says:

    lovely stuff first thing in the morning but cant do pop ups need a c rane for that

  2. Jannah Obaid says:

    Ahhhhh that was good!!!! Love the three same side moves really built up the burn. Thanks so much Mike! You are the best!!

  3. Leah Jones says:

    Very nice workout Mike! Quick, effective, and challenging. I also loke the fact that you can just repeat it if you feel you want/need more. I've just found you, and I'm looking forward to enjoying more of your vids. Thanks!

  4. omg. this was great! sweated a lot. I had to modify that last move lol

  5. Tammy Loos says:

    great workout!  can't wait to see tomorrows!!

  6. vouryer says:

    Its working, because Mike has a very nice booty and thighs.

  7. I don't think I'll be sitting much tomorrow. Thanks, Mike! Have a great week!

  8. Maria V says:

    your peach emoji yeah xxxxxx

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