Here is an all squats routine for lower body. I also included some lower body stretches to help with flexibility and executing squats more efficiently. Whether or not you are pregnant, this is a great place to begin!

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10 comments on “Lower body squats routine for beginners & pregnant women
  1. well same deal…I think I watched these during Thanksgiving prep at the island on the iPad…you are amazing you gorgeous woman! I know that if anybody can go in and just pop out a baby with little hassle…it's you LOL xoxox Mary

  2. Continue do what you are doing and don't pay attention to the haters

  3. Anonymous says:

    Good video! If you need any copyright free music to use in your videos so you don't get a copyright strike, I have plenty of that over here on my channel. It's all free to download and free to use, if you are interested! Thanks for reading this and have an awesome day 🙂

  4. Happy early bday..I hope to workout like this whenever I get pregnant

  5. kyla P says:

    im so proud of women like you. You are in your late states of pregnancy and you are doing a real workout. You go girl! Lots of women dont do much exercise when just a few months pregnant.

  6. thank you carib spice. blowing aways myths that pregnant women are helpless and made of wet paper. pregnancy is the most natural state in the world for women

  7. How nice to be off work for the whole week, Bonta! You can celebrate the whole day, on your birthday. I think the squats will definitely pay off. Ron did an excellent job filing his amazing wife. Only 7 more weeks, and you will be meeting your beautiful baby. Look forward to hearing about your birth plan. Love you, my friend. Many, many blessings, and much love…MaryEllen

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