A quick and intense lower body workout to give those legs great shape! In less than 6 minutes get sexy looking toned legs that are strong and lean. Work that butt and those thighs hard!

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gosimpli.ca began in 2010 as a webhosting gift from my husband. A man who understood my frustrations with finding good quality fitness content and saw the potential in the kinds of workouts I created for myself. Long gone were the days of hard core cardio; endless running miles clocked to shed a few pounds in order to drop a dress size or bare my midriff in a summer bikini. In come the days of long term health, living injury free and keeping up with my ever energetic children. I want fitness that works! Fitness without fuss. So, I cleared out my storage area to create a “studio”; an unfinished room with curtains to conceal the gallery of my children’s precious school artwork and foam mats to cover the concrete basement floor and protect my joints!
I’m a wife, mother of two, and a certified Physical and Health Education high school teacher. Just like you, I make lunches, do laundry, go to work and drive kids around. I cheer at events and races, attend school concerts and plays, read bedtime stories, feed chickens and tend veggie gardens. I’m busy, you’re busy…we’re women, it’s what we do. And yet, somewhere in that hectic schedule we know we need to make time to keep ourselves fit and healthy.
At gosimpli.ca you’ll find workouts that are well designed, easy to follow and challenging yet rewarding to complete. With focus on fitness not fashion, quality not quantity, rewarding positivity not punishing negativity I will huff and puff with you every step of the way. So grab your running shoes, find an open space and make gosimpli.ca part of your life.


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