How to lose back fat for women: How to Get Rid of Upper, Lower Back Fat for women.

Best Program to lose back fat for women
I seem to get this question alot of how to lose back fat for women especially. I think it’s where they want to be able to wear nice tight fitting clothes without having those layers of back fat showing through.

You can consider doing a back fat workout for women that can tone up those troubled areas but really the key to losing back fat is to get your diet at a good fat burning level.

This means eating the right foods to get rid of upper or lower back fat that has bothered women for years.

I think once you put together both a good diet and the right type of fat burning back exercises for women there will be no stopping to lose back fat fast.

In this quick fire tips video i’ll be giving you some on hand advice for how to lose back fat for women.


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  1. I think this is very interesting to know what to do when you get fat.

  2. I have big back but my legs hmm…. is too small now tell me what can I do to get a big legs????

  3. Good evening dears I hve a qtn

  4. awesome video. Amazing work. learnt a lot from this video.

  5. Richard it is so true what you say about the greens I have a cousin who weighed 300lbs and now weighs 145 she lost it all eating fresh greens,she eats collard greens at least four times a week and she exercises,she has also given me lots of advice and Ive been able to lose 30lbs in 2months,its just coming off like crazy ,I eat no more junk food,no more drinking soda or juice just cold water with ice and lemon,and lots of fresh produce and lean meats and eggs,no bread,no pasta,no playing around,Im realy trying to lose this weight,I exercise everyday for an hour in the morning at home then go to the gym and lift weights thats why Ive lost so much weight so fast,thanks for your video,it keeps me focused to hear it from another person!

  6. How long would it take if you exercised 3 days a week

  7. Very useful info, thank you!

  8. Sanjui Garza says:

    want get rid of that back fat..:(

  9. where is link please?? I need it.

  10. Mr. Richard Huntley, you are a very awesome and kind person, I could tell. Thank God you exist. I've always been so depressed about my body structure, specially my BACK and BELLY FATS. I hate it so much that I want to burn it with fire, literally. I just want to make a change, even for the first time of my life. I pray that you will help me, good sir. May God bless you… 🙂

  11. emie sandoy says:

    I try to use this tips thanks. ..

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  13. Wyoma Oliver says:

    These tips were most helpful to me, thanks!!

  14. im totally gonna use these tips thank you so much

  15. Thanks for all your great comments. I've got nearly 300 videos on my YT channel now, with more questions being answered on fat loss and lifestyle all the time! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE for more updates. Thanks, Richard

  16. ItsTifa says:

    It's true!

    As he said, you cannot spot reduce a part of your body.

  17. It's falling into temptation on eating crap and it's cheaper than the healthy food… I love fruit, but it's so expensive were I stay! It doesn't makes sense why the healthy food has to cost more?

  18. Wow…thanks and kind voice too..

  19. Serenity Ann says:

    Great video! Very informative! Thank you. 🙂

  20. It's the top link in the description

  21. Thanks glad my videos are helping you 🙂

  22. theBeronify1 says:

    If there were more ppl on earth like you that's interested in a person's health rather than making a quick buck then the world would be a better place, this clip was informative, I am happy that I found it. looking forward to future clips

  23. MultiLisa10 says:

    are there any smoothie drinks that I can add the green veggies too?

  24. Alexis Keena says:

    How many grams of sugar should we consume a day?

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