Legs, Bums and Tums are the most common areas which we would love to lose fat and tone up. This is a full 20 minutes workout video which is easy to follow, low impact and suitable for everyone. Do 3 sets, 2-3 times weekly, for best result. Let’s workout together! xx

Calories burned various with your weight, intensity, gender and age. The most accurate way is to wear a Heart Rate Monitor to track your calories burned. But on average, i would say this workout burns about 120 – 150cals in 20 minutes =)

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29 comments on “Full 20 Minutes Legs, Bums & Tums Workout for Women
  1. Art Artist says:

    I did it yesterday now today z my 2nd day

  2. Kelly says:

    A great workout, thanks so much 🙂

  3. Rosie Dennis says:

    Does anyone know roughly how many calories this burns? thanks

  4. asfiya begum says:

    amazing joanna its just working to gud im impressed

  5. Sarina Ghaju says:

    Will I gain weight if I stop doing it??

  6. All of these exercises cause me to have terrible muscle craps. Help!

  7. BE'GONCE 101 says:

    dude im only like 5 minutes in and im already tired

  8. opy rahman says:

    hello, joanna soh. I am 24 years old. my weight is 62 kg. I have a pear shape bosy structure. lots of fat store in my lower body. when i start dieting or some exercising i lost only upper side body fat. whice is not balanced my body shap. should I perform this excercise?

  9. Tricia Sia says:

    This workout is the best for me! I haven't started the second workout and sweat is dripping from my body LOVE IT! Thanks Joanna <3

  10. Ushna Jalil says:

    will the body gain more fat if in any case I wll leave doing this????

  11. Ushna Jalil says:

    will the body gain more fat if in any case I wll leave doing this????

  12. That was the perfect workout because I'm short on time, thanks!! 😉

  13. Dilsh Aysh says:

    if i do one round then is it enough?! @Joanna

  14. this is such a great execise

  15. I think Ive burnt more fat in the last two weeks than I ever did in the
    past month of long distance jogging. I really recommend using this
    product then any other one I ever tried in the past year… You Can Do
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    will be amazed by the results, Just like how I was.

  16. If I do this every day for 30 days how much weight will I loose

  17. Day 1 today and I am sweating
    you burnt my bums Joanna
    I am gonna do this for 4 weeks

  18. Kelly Troche says:

    Joanna, you are the bomb! To begin with, I am truly happy I came across one of your videos, the inner thigh gap. Now I sincerely have you booked marked for about every body part and plus your meal plans and detox tea videos are also so great. I love to exercise again. Thank you:)

  19. hi love your videos ..I have a TPF injury so I'm doing your in bed 5min workout for training. I was looking for in bed butt workout video I can understand and you make it easy. I appreciate that I need that for my recovery. help if you have you please post or send looking forward to hearing from you.

  20. Amenta013 says:

    At first I was like oh well a few squats whatever, but if you do all of it AND repeat it kills! Love it 🙂

  21. Nice but add some more exercises

  22. Hema Singh says:

    hii joanna can u tell me how long will it take to make my waist 24inches,now it is 30 inches

  23. i liked this workout but i found it too quick doing the lunges, so i dont think i did them properly because I was just rushing trying to keep up 🙁

  24. 24 hours post-workout and my thighs are on fire xD

  25. awes kharni says:

    Wooooow suprb yaar I like ua wkouts n love u also n how many times or days pr week I can do thiz wokouts for best results plz rply

  26. zannat larry says:

    Hi Joanna , I just love your exercises…….. love you…….

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