39 comments on “Best Dumbbells for Home Workouts – What Type of Dumbbells does Fitness Blender Use?
  1. INdegenous says:

    Hello Daniel and Kelli! You guys have been such an inspiration in my journey. I've never been so motivated. Now, I would really like to invest in some powerblocks. Can you share exactly which type or model? Are there any discounts to be had if referred by you to PowerBlocks for purchase (crossing fingers)?

  2. lilyboland says:

    Can't get these in NZ. Does any one know any adjustable dumbbell options available in NZ? I can't seem to find anything online. The price really doesn't bother me much, as smaller sets are only cost about 5-6 months gym membership for me.

  3. Grisbel Sosa says:

    I had to stop my home workouts from moving around too much last year and leaving my weights behind. I remembered this video and looked it up. I'm confused as to which ones to get though. dumbbells are a must have for home workouts, which I prefer over a gym. I'll figure it out with more reading though. Just thought I'd share that I looked them up just because I remembered this video lol.

  4. +FitnessBlender i wanted to mention this tip for someone who may not know where to store a bench or is worried they wouldn't need it, i bought an ottoman to store blankets in for our den and i use that for my bench on arm day as well. Thank you for all that you do, Daniel and Kelly.

  5. I'd LOVE these but they're only sold for a ridiculous price where I live (Germany) because they have to be imported. I wouldn't mind spending about 300 bucks for a good piece if equipment, but here they charge around 700€ (which is about 800$) for a basic set. Sucks. :/

  6. Mark Navarro says:

    I can attest to the quality and the convenience. Found these by mistake after my bowflex ones broke very easily and awkwardly very long. have a 24 hour fitness pass, still use it but I enjoy using the powerblocks over the inconvenience of a dumbell rack at the gym which is always packed. Another good one is the ironmaster dumbbells which I also have but doesn't beat the speedy convenience of powerblock dumbbells.

  7. Katie Nelson says:

    Would you do a video on how to workout when you've overdone it and part of you is still recovering but you don't want to stop working out altogether until that one body part heals?

    (e.g. I did too much walking on hard surfaces like concrete and my foot started giving me trouble and I had to lay off doing that activity for a couple of weeks, but there were still other things I could do in the meantime, and then that was also a signal to me for how to change my habits and equipment so I didn't get injured in the same way again…)

    I imagine a lot of people deal with this and it can totally derail your exercise goals, especially if you're new to working out.

  8. Elaine Z says:

    There's no power block stores in Australia 🙁

  9. Shona M says:

    Question for Kelli! I was wondering what workout gear you would recommend? You always look super stylish in your videos and I need some new sporty pieces! 🙂 x

  10. Darkeklaw says:

    So what do you think About Resistance bands? I use a set that allows for resistance stacking.

  11. Alkaiser says:

    Saving up for powerblock dumbells 🙂

  12. Who Knows says:

    I got mine last year at sport authority for 149 and I love it.

  13. Abeer Lamfon says:

    Well, i have a problem that is every time i do any kind of sport that has jumping i really get tired till i vomit all the food *eew p.s i don't workout directly after eating. Hope you answer me i really wanna fix this problem

  14. i don't own/use any dumbbells 🙁 just use my own bodyweight, don't know if that's enough.

  15. Angela Dean says:

    I LOVE my powerblock dumbbells.  I have the U-33 Stage I, thinking I would never need more than the basic set, but as I followed the fitness blender vids (I feel like a cheesy commercial but it's TRUE) I got stronger and outgrew them — got the powerblock expansion kit for heavier weight for the U-33, might even need the U-70 along with their curling bar.  Best investment I've made aside from my car, lol.

  16. Cie Lindsey says:

    I wish yall would have put this video last week so I could have order them through the fitnessblender link. I order my power block through Sears not sure if you can still get a profit from it or not

  17. Yina Vega says:

    I hope some day you talk about the correct shoe for HIIT training or what we have to consider when we buy one

  18. Would you two ever consider vlogging? Like a "What I (we) eat in a day" videos?

  19. xmissdreamer says:

    I bought the sport 2.4 for my birthday last year because of you guys. I like that they are adjustable and you can store them away nicely. For anyone interested in these, shop around to see if you can find them cheaper. I bought mine on Amazon for about $150 with free Prime shipping.

  20. T A says:

    I've been working out for 6 months – 5 times a week fitnessblender + yoga –

    I eat VERY healthy
    My weight is very suitable for my hight
    (164 cm – 52 kilos)

    I checked my body fat percentage, it was 25%!

    how come? :'( I'm upset now
    should I go into a more strict diet?

    coz as far as working out I'm doing my very best!

  21. Brian Dare says:

    You said they are an investment and "not cheap." However, just like Kelly said, compared to the cost of a gym for 3-5 years, or even compared to the cost of other dumbbell options they are hundreds of dollars of savings. I wish I had my eye on them before I invested in a 5LB – 50LB complete dumbbell set. Now I've purchased a couple of power blocks to have for work. Also, compared to powerblock's adjustable weight competitors, I've also found them to be very competitively priced.

  22. Just this weekend my husband and I went to look at some dumbbells/lifting equipment.  And you're right, it's soooo much equipment especially for the range of weight would need.  We would need a whole room just for our home gym equipment which is all fine and dandy because we have the space right now, but we're military and constantly moving so there's no telling how much space we'll have in the future.  The compact adjustable weights just seem so much more practical!  I still want to test them out.  The hubs isn't sold yet.  He thinks they'll be too hard to switch out even though he's seen you guys use them.  He's still not convinced that they're THAT easy! ha.   He's such a nerd!  I'm also curious if you (or anyone) has tried the Bowflex adjustable weights??

  23. sagar thakor says:

    what is importance of cool down and streching?
    after a tough workout, i never like to do streaching.
    i do streaching beacuse just you say so!!!!!

  24. fawk cku says:

    To any Canadians out there. They're sold at Canadian Tire for like $70. Don't bother getting online unless you want a heavier weight

  25. Kendal Rose says:

    hi i have a question! 🙂 i absolutely love coffee i usually go for a flat white or latte, without cream.. just milk and 1 sugar. If i am on a diet, do you think i should stop drinking it? other than that, i eat really clean.

  26. Kelli I think you need to share where you get your cute workout clothes.

  27. I ended up going with the Core Fitness adjustable dumbells and I bought them at Dicks Sporting Goods for $350. You get two of them and they adjust from 5 to 50 pounds per hand, in 5 pound increments. I choose them over the power blocks just because you don't have to pull out and put in a slide to adjust the weight, you simply turn the handle of the dumbell. I also like the feel of a tradition dumbell as opposed to how the power blocks feel in my hand. This is just a personal preference. I almost went with the bow flex adjustable dumbells because they move up in 2.5 pound increments. I didn't go with the bow flex because you and to click a lever on both sides of the dumbell to adjust your weight. I went with simplicity and speed for changing the weight. Overall, I've been happy with my purchase and so far they have held up well. I've been able to use them on all of Daniel's mass building workouts.

  28. Hi Kelli and Daniel, hope you guys can see my post. I have a few questions for you guys, for your information, I have been following your videos for almost two years. I workout up to four times a week, sometimes five. Recently, I just started out using some light weights. But I have also experienced minor knee pain, which I had never encountered in the past. Did the jumping squats or lunges finally taken a toll on my legs? I do HIIT almost every time for my workout sessions. Or maybe is because i never wear any shoes for my workouts? Does missing a proper cool down and stretching makes a difference? (missed a few times during this two weeks, missed it for my workout yesterday and woke up with minor knee pain today). Really appreciate if you guys can give me some good advice! 😀

  29. What are your thoughts on other diet/exercise companies such as WW or BeachBody? Or if you don't want to go into specifics, how do you feel about calorie counting?

  30. Can you make a workout to slim down calves?

  31. their link says they have international dealer in Manila, Philippines but do not have the specific address or any contact information. can you help me with it?

  32. oh, where are the behind the scenes? lol, thanks guys

  33. Curt Randall says:

    I chose the Powerblocks last year over the Bowflex adj dumbbells.  They are roughly the same price, but PB are not as wide which was a bonus.  Also the plain vanilla PB are cheaper than the versions that they use here; which are the Powerblock Urethanes I believe.  Those are made extra durable and support more weight increments.

  34. I'm old school and prefer my regular DB's.  I can buy the weight as needed as I go.  That helps with costs over time.  Great video.

  35. Kels says:

    Hey Kelli and Daniel, thank you for all that you do! I have a question for you… I've been cleaning up my diet, my boyfriend on the other hand doesn't eat all that healthy. I've tried encouraging him to eat better (I don't want to nag him) and he'll say to me, "yeah I will, I'll start next monday". Unfortunately that doesn't happen, I find it tough sometimes for me to eat healthy when I am with him. Anything you can suggest?

  36. Fantastic video! Thank you for this info – it will really help!!! I have 2 questions for you…1: Do I need to wear my sneakers for all of your workouts? and 2: If I am running 5K when I run – how often should I run mixed with how often should I do fitness blender (ex – run 2 days, fitness blender 4 days or what ratio do you recommend)? I LOVE LOVE LOVE your videos! I am brand new to them and you have saved me! I lost my gym membership when my hubby lost his job and I was in an absolute panic about what to do but I found  you and I am so grateful for what you are doing here – THANK YOU!


  37. I saved up for about 4 months so I can get my own PowerBlock dumbbells since I am taking my home workouts seriously. I know it will be a long while before I have to purchase heavier weights cause I'm not that strong yet. It's an investment. I'm very happy with them. 🙂

  38. Paylala says:

    I too have purchased these dumbbells, and along with a few miscellaneous kitchen appliances, these are by far the investment I'm most happy with/proud of.

    The space saved, the ease of use, and the adjustability have actually improved the quality of my workouts. 

    Like they said in the video (and 100% correct), you will SAVE money buying these dumbbells over a costly gym membership. The dumbbells have already paid themselves off and I've had them for only about 9 months.

    Cut back on other unneeded expenses and you will have enough saved in no time! It's a tough one, but my own example is cutting back on morning coffee stops and switching to homemade coffee. Those single, daily purchases add up so fast. Remember, your saving's account has the ability to grow just as fast as it depletes. CONSIDER IT, PEOPLE!

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