Get sexy lean legs

Trying to figure out how to get slim calves? We’ve got some great calf exercises to help you lose the cankles, stat! This calves workout will help you get lean slimmer legs and an overall more balanced appearance. We’ve got 4 leg slimming exercises for you. Do 3 sets of 20-25 reps of each of these calf slimmers.

1) Calf Raises — These are the best exercise to tone up the lower legs and get slim calves.

2) Wide Leg Calf Raises – These tone the calves from a different angle.

3) Toe Raises — These are a great lower legs exercise for the shins.

4) Heel Walk — Great calf exercise to help you lose the cankles.

Get slimmer toned calves by doing this lower leg workout once to twice per week. While it’s not possible to spot reduce calf fat, working the calves will thin legs and give them an overall more balanced, slimmer appearance.

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16 comments on “How to Get SLIM CALVES (Calf Exercises to LOSE the CANKLES!)
  1. vegyess says:

    Fuxking hell. I'm trying to find proper exercise to burn fat off my calves but once I find it someone says it will only make them look bigger. How to live????!!!

  2. 黄義之 says:

    hmm , i think the secret is to first burn off the fat and go on a stretching spree without the exorcise of the legs since you don't want the muscles to build up.

  3. Shinji says:

    Con esto te crecen. Todo al revés.

  4. A. m.p says:

    how about if my calf is muscle ? can i use the method in the video?

  5. My calves are bigger than all my friends and i am skinny . But the school forces u to run 800 m per day

  6. I did this for 2 months and now my calves are so bulky, not skinny! But I don't mind, I really like them toned 🙂

  7. I tried these damn exercises, after doing 30 of them I collapsed now I can barely walk without falling my legs shake like crazy and I keep falling. thanks alot miss.

  8. Jaybird196 says:

    So, is this intended to "lengthen" the calf muscles?

  9. only one says:

    So this workout will reduce bulkiness in calves

  10. Ema Lorena says:

    These exercises build muscle?

  11. Dirt Poor says:

    Oh interesting i never knew about the front "tibialus" one.  I think that might help my bulk up the muscle that attaches to my shin for when I kick things and shin check a kick.

  12. Tiffany W says:

    Do the toe raises help with shin splints?

  13. Nancy Ingemi says:

    I want to build my calves up, give them defintion!

  14. Slim calves in a woman don't look good (usually). Shapelly and moderate muscular calves are the best 🙂 🙂

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