Pregnancy Workout: 1st & 2nd Trimester Toning with Denise Austin is a low-impact, 20-minute full body pre-natal workout that is designed to burn calories, relax the lower back and sculpt your body from head to toe as you increase circulation, stabilize the spine, and strengthen the core to prepare for your baby’s arrival. Focus your breathing and prepare to feel rejuvenated with America’s favorite Fitness Legend, Denise Austin as she inspires you throughout this effective 2nd Trimester exercise routine from her popular “Fit & Firm Pregnancy” Fitness DVD. Learn low intensity moves that will exercise the pelvic floor muscles, lift the chest, tone the hips thighs and butt, and work the abdominals to strengthen all of the muscles surrounding the torso and better support the baby. Open your chest as you tighten the abs, triceps, arms, legs, obliques, and upper back muscles in total body workout. Work out with one of the best in the business right from the comfort of your own home. You will need a light set of dumbbells, a Yoga mat, a chair, a bottle of water, and a towel to complete this workout that will leave you looking and feeling your absolute best. Slim down and tone up as you start down the road to a tight and shapely post-baby physique with Denise Austin. Tune in to the BeFiT Channel every weekday for new workouts from your favorite trainers. For more Denise Austin workouts, click here:

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22 comments on “Pregnancy Workout: 1st & 2nd Trimester Toning- Denise Austin
  1. Naume Makgae says:

    Thanks I have been looking for this because I'm almost 27 weeks

  2. Naume Makgae says:

    Thanks I will try it as well

  3. love her style with pregnancy Workout, this is my second pregnancy and I still do these exercises, thank u denise

  4. Anj Cooper says:

    Hi Just wondering how many calories I can burn on this exercise?

  5. Great work out! But I wish this was a bit more challenging for the conditioned.

  6. Lila Edu says:

    Just found out I'm 5 weeks pregs … this looks good and relaxing

  7. La Rosa Mia says:

    I started to do your exercise and I feel better 🙂 Can I do everyday? And also want to ask what is the max time to do workouts is 30 minutes enough or more?

  8. neutral says:

    i don't understand how some commenters can say she has a sweet, relaxing voice. she has a smoker's voice

  9. im 13 weeks pregnent can i do this exercise evry day??

  10. Kwame Gyimah says:

    thus good, gentile and great. keep it up

  11. tengo 32 semanas y sigo haciendo estos ejercicios! muchas gracias 😀

  12. i love this video! than you 🙂

  13. heavy should the weights be?

  14. abed Nego says:

    Not certain about the points made but, if anyone else trying to find out how to clear my mind and focus try Eumpa Instant Focus Alchemist (Just google it) ? Ive geard some extraordinary things about it and my cousin got great results with it.

  15. Lili Ren says:

    Denise got such a sweat voice. I love listening to her because she makes me feel so relaxed.

  16. Lori V says:

    Even though 1st trimester is in the title she starts by saying 2nd trimester. Does anybody know where the 1st trimester video is? Thanks!

  17. Grace Nguyen says:

    Love this video. Simple, good excercise

  18. Lucie Serhan says:

    This is a good routine for beginners. I feel it's not challenging enough for me but I would recommend it to others who never exercised or they want to take it easy.

  19. svpartridge says:

    Thank-you for posting this workout. Was fun and simple to start off with exercising. My little 2 year old had fun exercising with me too lol. I'm due July 2015.

  20. She made sure to put emphasis on being propped up while doing crunchies, which nullifies the regular problems with doing stomach exercises while pregnant. You have to make sure you are propped up enough though. How often you can do the exercises depends on your specific health so no one on the internet will give you an accurate answer like your doctor. Please don't ask mom's opinions when it comes to health concerns especially when pregnant. Mom's all have differing information to give that comes from a number of places but is unknown if they actually did research or if they are just repeating what they heard someone else say. Talk to your doctor!

  21. Liz Miracle says:

    Loved this video up until she started having them do crunches with relaxed pelvic floor.  Overuse of recuts abdominis leads to diastase rectii and release of the pelvic floor muscles during a crunch encourages prolapse 🙁  

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