Krav Maga Girl, Lior Bitran, and experienced martial arts instructor is giving a lower body practice.
In this Video, Lior is going to show you the best way to strengthen your knee kicks and front kicks with this effective workout.

It’s important to review the “5 Basic Kicks” video to learn and practice the kicks, you can find the link below.

Make sure to workout with a partner and repeat this for better results

5 basic kicks video :

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4 comments on “Krav Maga Girl | Lower Body Practice
  1. You are the bwst as ussual) I like you. Thanks alot.

  2. AWOL HD says:

    Great video Lior, I love your videos so much! They are so helpful. Can you do a video specifically about the different ways to attack the balls please? Thanks 🙂

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