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In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of, teaches you how to remove love handles and back fat. Love handle reduction tips and back fat elimination advice.

Aaron Marino of alpha m. says that ‘love handles’ are a cute term for deposits of excess body fat on sides and back around your waist line. Alpha gives a test for ‘love handles’ and back fat.
He says that an article recently made his B.S. meter go through the roof. There is no such thing as spot reduction! Cardio and healthy eating are the answers to love handles and back fat reduction so this article was filled with crap.

‘Calories in and calories out’ is the key. If you consume less, you lose body fat. You can do it through diet and / or exercise. Diet and exercise together are the most efficient. The lower back accumulates first … and the last to lose. The side (flanks), however, will go before lower back fat.

Remember, when body fat starts to break down, it starts to get soft. You want the squishiness. So when that rock hard gut starts to get soft, you’re making progress.


31 comments on “How To Lose Love Handles | Love Handle Reduction Tips
  1. Targatheory says:

    all this fool was say what everyone knows. davey havok looking ass

  2. Ameer Cruz says:

    Make A Video Of How To Get Big Calves

  3. nikki sammi says:

    When you say I have to lose more calories than I consume.. does that mean I have to burn 1500 calories in a session a day ?? Df

  4. For sure nutrition over exercise, but I'm more about the type of calories over the amount of calories.

  5. Hector Diaz says:

    Something is on his left eye and it's freaking me out.

  6. It's just super hard to burn more than to intake. I don't know how to burn 2000 calories in a day

  7. Mr. Mcmahon says:



  9. I just got a fast food add on this video

  10. Raquel Lei says:

    I love your commentary. Lively and humorous. But you do bring it home and very frank! Keeping it simple and telling it like it should be. Thanks!

  11. Mrr Damiao says:

    i've never noticed he had something in his eye

  12. That voice…. crikey… good content though

  13. How to losse the calories of leg

  14. I have love handles at the moment. I do weight training (30 minutes) once a week, along with speed and agility (change of direction, etc.) I'm only 13 (5'10 140lbs), but want to be able to take my shirt off, and not be embarrassed. What kind of exercises would help based on my needs? Also, I've been trying to do 25 push up and 50 setups a day, while starting to run a mile a day. Any help please?

  15. We discovered about the diet plan “lyly amazing guide” (Google it) simply by googling around for details in the weight-loss sites. In just a very very few days I dropped an unbelievable 18 plus lbs. It’s the best weight loss program I’ve ever seen and it sure works for me.

  16. He reminds me of the guy from the show, "Psych"

  17. I tried just about everything the only thing that's really effective  for me is doing p90x AND starving myself.  In the ancient world starving ones self was called fasting which actually has health benefits but experts say to fast no longer than two days or your muscles will start to break down.. u can drink water and other low cal liquids but just don't eat like at all… well.. not at all just pay attention and keep track of what you eating on a weekly basis..

  18. Cognac Crack says:

    Why does this guy remind me of that one guy from it's always sunny in Philadelphia lol

  19. Luis Cuevas says:

    My belly fat is usually the last to go… back fat, then side and then belly lol.

  20. gilbs72 says:

    I agree. Love handles are just the storage areas. Burning fat happens throughout our entire system. I'd add cold places and baths- remember we evolved so that fats store heat and energy for winter. Try to look up why we shiver. 🙂

  21. Tong Lau says:

    Love handle shut up!!!

  22. lims118ster says:

    after watching 2 videos from alpha m and although this video is almost 3 years old, I am now a subscriber! Thanks for the honest opinion and thank you for not giving any BS advices. Your comments are as valuable and as genuine as any dietician / physicians out there.

  23. Good to see that the Unflexal includes new training instructions to build my body perfectly.

  24. Or u can go to Alphadestiny on google. Get his Novice Program for FREE! And make gains! And all u do is Eat right!
    Check Alphadestiny on YouTube.

  25. this dude is gay…watch him long enough and you can tell

  26. TuSoKa67 says:

    didn't learn a single thing from this video

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