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All those crazy looking weight machines at the gym…there are some that we’re not even sure what they do! What we do know is that not all gym machines are effective, and there are some that you’d be better off skipping altogether!

In this video we show you the 5 worst gym machines for women. Don’t make these workout mistakes! You’ll be wasting your time and you could get injured! We’ll also show you which ab, back and thigh exercises to do instead that are far more effective than what you can do on this gym equipment.

Here are the 5 Gym Machines to Avoid:

Worst Thigh Exercise:
– Avoid the hip adductor/abductor machine and do a side plank leg lift instead

Worst Back Exercise:
– Skip the lower back machine and try a full body move like the “superman”

Worst Ab Exercises:
– Ditch the ab coaster and try the plank knee tuck
– Don’t use the crunch machine, instead do these crunch variations
– Not even sure what this weird ab machine is called. Whatever it is, just avoid it. Try this sit up variation instead.

If you’ve been doing machine workouts for a while, here’s the take home message. Most of the time you’re better off working with bodyweight or free weights (dumbbells) if you want to build strong, sexy muscle tone. Plus, you avoid sweaty gym machine seats and long waits!

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36 comments on “5 Gym Machines To Avoid for Thighs, Back and Abs (And What Exercises To Do Instead!!)
  1. M Byley says:

    I'd still use the adductor/abductor machine, it can be helpful when you go heavy enough, pulse or 1/2 squat while using it. Everything she's showing is basically either a home workout or addition to a gym workout. The rest of the machines are pretty funny though.

  2. Bilbo says:

    I wouldn't say the hip machine is useless cause you can't use weights in that other exercise you showed. It just depends what you want from your workout. For example my hip abductors are too weak and I need to target them specifically and hard.

  3. Ive been working out a very long time & I disagree with this video about the hip ad&abductors. but hey, do u boo lol

  4. Gabby Brenes says:

    I'm sorry but I've used these thigh ones and my inner thighs get a great burn and soreness that lasts almost 2 days and I'm losing the fat in my inner thigh. I've noticed more muscle less fat. sorry not sorry

  5. Aliyah Thax says:

    …soooo basically the gym is pointless.

  6. Click Click says:

    Those look like some good machines. Wish they were near me

  7. Anna Romina says:

    my gym has none of those

  8. 4 out of the 5 machines mentioned ive never seen before.. must be a planet fitness thing..

  9. MC RAM says:

    Skip the adductor machine?! What kind of bullshit is that?! The purpose of the machine is to strengthen your adductor so you can squat and deadlift more.

    You give such terrible advice by saying these machines are terrible but you don't even know how to use the ab swing properly!!!! You're NOT supposed to swing on it. You're supposed to slowly bring your lower torso up with resistance.

    You don't use the ab torso machines correctly either. You obviously have no resistance on the total ab machine because 1. You're not low enough on the seat 2. You need to go up in weight because you're obviously stronger than 10lbs. So how can you say NOT to use these machines when YOU don't even know how to properly use them?! You're giving BULLSHIT advice and not helping women at all.

    You only give Pilates or body weight alternatives which will NOT give any woman enough weight to increase their muscle mass.

    You guys are building this video on the premise that women cannot lift heavy which is complete BS. It's not only a double standard that you are continuing to perpetuate but it's obvious that you don't understand that a woman can BUILD, MAINTAIN, and INCREASE MUSCLE exactly the same as a man. How our muscles work do not differentiate from men.

    How can you be proud to put up a video that gives inaccurate advice, where YOU don't know how to properly use the machines, and you continue to perpetuate a damaging double standard that women only should do light lifting?! This is horrible.

  10. bodyweight exercises are really the best I love them! 🙂

  11. Jess thank you so much for these tips! as a fitness lover for 3+ years I've realized the moves you recommend are the better ones, esp all the planks & variations! planking got me a solid core 🙂

  12. Walk or run against your own body structure. Exercise on low obstacle basis 4 a lengthy period.

  13. Katty Avila says:

    I was swearing by the inner thigh abductor. 🙁 I love that machine as I have a lot of fat in my inner thighs and I feel it does get the work done in that specific area.

  14. Brena Lovell says:

    The hip adductor and abductor machines have helped me gain so much in my quads. I go all the way up to 250 in my last set of reps and it really has added muscle to my legs. So I definitely disagree with her on the fact that she's calling them useless.

  15. The first machine (abductor I guess ) is not completely rubbish. You could really use that to train your glute maximus!! Whilst using the machine bend forward with back straight and raise your bum above the seat. There are few YouTube videos on how to perform this and it does help I have seen results !!

  16. So basically don't even go to the gym and just buy a mat? lol

  17. Do not do sit ups, there are bad for your back.

  18. Riptide 10x says:

    What a joke! You are being unfair to the Ab Coaster machine by saying the machine is no good when you are demonstrating it in a totally wrong way, very misleading. Don't you ever listen to Jeff say you have to slow down and use proper technique? Wow!

  19. So basically lose your gym membership because it's worthless and get a yoga mat

  20. Jessicah CHa says:

    Then what's the point of me going to the gym if none of the machines are acceptable?

  21. Diana Best says:

    out of most fit vids I've seen. I really enjoyed watching how u educate us on what NOT to use and suggest other ways of exercising… totally makes sense and most of this stuff can do at home… thank u for your help:)

  22. kiwi81234 says:

    I see supermans in my daughter's ballet class I started doing them so happy to see it here yay !

  23. Asma Jabeen says:

    just a simple question … I worked for a database job where there was so much of sitting for hours so i gained fat in my thigh and saddlebag.. when it is easy for my body to get spot induction so why not spot reduction?

  24. texabara says:

    I like your work; but… Well some people who are starting, only can make moderate exercise or are old, just for example, prefer to use those machines at a moderate or low intensity.

  25. Rabia Nek says:

    Can you add modified workout for people who are suffering from knee pain.

  26. Livestronger says:

    your glutes are in fireeeeeee

  27. BennysBenz says:

    that video was awesome thanks!

  28. Keknegen kai says:

    I actually realised myself how much more I felt the burn when using my body rather than a machine and then I discovered freelethics and since that time I quit any gym subscription and decided to play in nature

  29. Jaye Lo says:

    do u have any top machines?

  30. Fergi2486 says:

    Whenever I do crunches my back hurts. How do I avoid that??

  31. Dabayare says:

    I am glad I never been to a gym with those machines. First time I have seen these weird machines.

  32. this is so dumb.. isolating muscles is good to build muscles there its not all about losing fat, if you wanna lose fat then do cardio, become more active, and eat right. Theres many reasons why isolating muscle groups is good for muscle building

  33. TheMacocko says:

    Oh, major mistake. not saying it's a good machine but you cannot push an ab roller with your arms, it's physically impossible. You have to move the Torso. Physics people, the arms are within the system. It's like saying you can push your car while you are in the driver seat.

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