Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred Workout Level 2 is an explosive, interval training workout that combines strength, cardio and ab exercises to burn fat, sculpt muscle and firm the entire body to uncover shredded results as you realize your full potential to maximize results. Prepare to sweat and fight through the burn with America’s Toughest Trainer & Fitness Celebrity, Jillian Michaels, as she keeps you focused and motivated with her expert instruction and supercharged enthusiasm in this second level segment from the #1 Best-Selling Fitness DVD, “30 Day Shred.” Unleash your weight-loss potential as you boost metabolism and sculpt lean muscle throughout the arms, chest, shoulders, legs, glutes, back, abs, and oblique’s with this robust workout that targets all of the major muscle groups of the body simultaneously. You will need a set of hand weights, a towel, a floor mat, and a bottle of water to complete this exercise. Learn several key exercises that Jillian relies on when training celebrity clients on TV and worldwide. Challenge your core and activate your abdominals, hips, thighs, butt and legs through an array of explosive plyometric moves as you fight your way through an effective 3-2-1 interval system that Jillian swears by. Adjust this routine to fit your skill level by using the exercise modifications that are demonstrated in each circuit. Look and feel your best with dynamic moves like squat rows, walk-out push-ups, high knees, static lunge rows, speed skaters, pendulum lunges, double crunches, military press leg extensions, plank variations, stretches, and many more as you build strength, banish cellulite and melt away the pounds to unveil a strong and shapely new you. Tune in to BeFiT every weekday for newly-uploaded Free workouts! For more workouts from Jillian, click here: http://bit.ly/H3SuaK

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40 comments on “Jillian Michaels: 30 Day Shred Workout- Level 2
  1. Omg, I've just finished my first day of level 2 and I am crying 😀 This is too hard 😀 I hope to I'll manage it 😀

  2. Hello everyone! Its my 6th day today of level 1. I am very careful when I do the exercises but still I am having pain in my knees. Is it normal? I have a lot of trouble doing push-ups so I do the easier version. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  3. Well, it's good to have a bit of humor before I die. XD

  4. I'm actually on day 1 of level 2. I've tried this years ago and have never gotten past level 1. But this workout is so hard

  5. lujas kino says:

    i dont have hand weights and im not willing to buy one
    what can i replace it with? :(( im thinking of starting it tmrw

  6. lujas kino says:

    can anyone share their experience and results on this 30Days shreds if this works out bc im looking for workout to lose weight?

  7. Connie Unger says:

    Level 1 was not challenging enough for me but level 2, whew! A great workout! Just remember ladies take some good, deep energy enhancing from the belly breaths throughout and at the end because this really pushes!

  8. ok, I officially HATE high knees

  9. Let's be honest guys, how many of you'll are following Anita?

  10. Kuma Manzar says:

    please share link of jillian michael shred level 3… i can't find…

  11. Athina H says:

    First day of part 2 almost died but I finished it. starts crying

  12. روان س* says:

    وين اقدر ألقى فيديو level 3 ?

  13. Jillian micheals 6 week 6 pack

  14. Horny Man says:

    Hi wondering if guys can do this….????

  15. struggling through this one -day 2…I haven't made it completely through this one yet. Work in progress-we get 30 days to get through it right-LOL

  16. My first day for level 2, I hope it won't be last day too.It's very hard for me .Should I return level 1..?

  17. carolynjulia says:

    well I did level 2 for the first time today after level 1 for a couple of weeks. Dunno how much benefit I got as every time I tried to get in plank or push up position I fell flat on my face lol

  18. Day 3 on the level 2 and I'm dying. Cant wait too see level 3.

  19. xyhanx says:

    i finished 10 days of level 1 without shouting but that diuble jump rope on level 2 killed me. I screamed like I was on hazing. lol. already lost 12 lbs (with apple cider vinegar every morning and no carbs diet)!

  20. Angie NG says:

    After 1 week of level1 i felt like i'm ready for level2, but holy shit… i've never been so wrong.
    I'm dead after this.

  21. blowaway says:

    my ankle soo hurt when i do jumping jacks? what am i doing wrong??

  22. excelente he mejorado el trabajo y he reducido talla

  23. Bee Gee says:

    natalie yco i recognized uuu u just have blonde hair here. love her work outs in gym

  24. I don't know about you. But I never watch Natalie .. Superwoman

  25. aigul aigul says:

    How many days I should do the level 2?

  26. Drogon says:

    Because I live in an upstairs apartment, I have to compensate my jumping moves by landing on the balls of my feet (so I'm not stomping around) Well it is day 15, and my heels are killing me every time I do any jumping moves.

  27. tanyae23 says:

    Bring on level 3. Please post.

  28. angelofashes says:

    ?? There are ads in the middle of the workout now!?? That's not ok.

  29. Clare Chan says:

    Jillian seems to be picking on Anita a lot …

  30. параша какая-то!

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