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You’ve all been asking for a great stretching routine, and today we’ve got one for you which includes foam roller exercises, and other floor stretches for flexibility. In this stretch workout, we’ll teach you how to use the foam roller properly to improve your flexibility, which will in turn improve your overall strength.

We’ve chosen all the best lower body stretches and foam roller stretches. We’ve got foam roller stretches for the IT bands, quadriceps, lower back and glutes plus flexibility exercises for hamstrings, glutes and hips.

While yoga and pilates are also great for stretching, the foam roller and regular static stretches can really help you cut through plateaus in your training routine. So, give this foam roller workout a try and let us know what you think!

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4 comments on “Stretching Routine: Best Lower Body Stretches and Foam Roller Exercises
  1. Hi Jess this is a great foam roller routine. I have a question for you can I do this if I have arthritis in my si joint? will it help me? I look forward to your reply
    Please keep up the good work you do with all your videos love you Jess

  2. Cary Walters says:

    I'm worried about foam rolling after watching Foam Roller Mistake!(Watch BEFORE You Foam Roll) by Athlean-X. Are these exercises safe??

  3. MrDrilla says:

    Nice vid.. Love stretching.. :).. @ 7:17 I feel like you started talking to

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