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Outdoor workouts are great for summer and this stairs workout is an amazing total body challenge. With these six stairs exercises for women, you’ll get your cardio and your strength training in with just a few minutes on the stairs. This is a HIIT workout that includes conditioning exercises and strength exercises for chest, legs and abs. This workout will definitely help our ladies watching this to burn fat and get strong and sexy!

The best part about this stair workout is that it requires no equipment…just you and a set of stairs. This workout for women can be done outdoors on any set of outdoor stairs or even indoors in winter. You start by running the stairs using quick feet. Stair running is great for getting the heart rate up and for blasting unwanted belly fat. Then, you’ll do single step hops — you should really feel the quads burning with this leg exercise.

Next, incline pushups on the stairs will work your upper body while you give your legs a few seconds of rest. These are followed by mountain climbers on the stairs which are a challenging ab exercise (not to mention cardio at the same time) — they’re so tough it feels like you did an entire ab workout!

After the abs exercise, it’s time for another fat blasting cardio move to get the heart rate up again. This time we’ll do it with another high intensity move — a lateral stair run. Next, it’s time to work the quads again with decelerating jump squats. These squats are a real challenge for the legs and work eccentrically, different from other versions of the squat exercise.

You’ll finish off with bunny hops on the stairs to keep the leg muscles engaged. On each bunny hop you’ll land in a half squat. No need to go too deep here — just keep moving.

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    nice and easy love it thanks! athlean-xx

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    Just want to tone up mah legs??? How many sets should I do ??

  8. Try doing jumping jacks every time you reach the top, it'll boost your heart rate

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  13. I am going to try this this morning….

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    Nice! Thank you. I jog steps but needed to add some variety to the workout.

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    I want to lose 5 kg. Do you think this it a good way? I eat healthy and do not eat sugar anymore, and wenn I do this workout, I hope I will lose this 5 kg soon.

  21. does it work for men as well? i want to use stair workouts such as these to loose my belly fat. it would be great if this helps with that. thanks.

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    My legs are too strong since I work out. What exercice can I do to have them more thin ? I squat too much for my butt but now my legs getting big too idk what to do

  30. Aiya says:

    My legs are too strong since I work out. What exercice can I do to have them more thin ? I squat too much for my butt but now my legs getting big too idk what to do

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    We use stairs anytime we workout at a park! Awesome tool that you can find in a lot of places!

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    Have you ever done Step-Aerobics? and if so, how affective was it at getting your heart rate up?
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