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Flexibility Stretches, Exercises & Workout Part 1 – Legs & Lower Body – Joy of Gymnastics

Coach Joy takes you through great flexibility stretches and exercises for your legs, core and lower body. If you’re a gymnast, dancer, beginner or fitness enthusiast then this video will help you develop overall strength and flexibility. Joy has high energy and fun leotard.

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23 comments on “Flexibility Stretches, Exercises & Workout Part 1 – Legs & Lower Body – Joy of Gymnastics
  1. love this video but ur polish so doesnt go with ur outfit

  2. Do the splits stretches next time

  3. Ava says:

    This girl has the perfect body. wow.

  4. Nicole Claus says:

    the split vido and the s.p.n

  5. thankyou i am going to do that joy

  6. Eliza Lois says:

    Joy is my favorite coach!

  7. Joy scola your amazing:) much love 🙂

  8. jsagazio says:

    A nice sequence and a nice teacher.  Thank you Joy !!!

  9. Joy, what company made your leotard?  The pattern is so awesome!

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