Your legs are truly lovely and take you everywhere you want to go, but if you sometimes scan them in the mirror and think of cottage cheese, here’s a workout for you. Strengthen and tone your powerful gams with this quick and effective workout. Just press play and get ready to show your legs some love.

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22 comments on “Bye Bye Cottage Cheese Thighs: 5-Minute Leg Workout | Class FitSugar
  1. it's perfect I really feel the burn

  2. Pam Leppich says:

    wow. I will give it a try but a plastic knee won't allow me to go down that far. How much difference will it make?

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  4. Sharon Kende says:

    Last comment was about the single legged turnover. Liked the burn with no strain and liked the balance challenge

  5. Sharon Kende says:

    Took a while to get right though

  6. Damn, thank you for this! I don't think my heart has ever raced this fast!

  7. How much calories does this exercise burn ?

  8. Kwynn Alge says:

    I think the squat jump is the hardest cause your legs feel heavy and like jello

  9. Arina says:

    this one is tough, I did it for the first time today!!! Hope it'll help!!!

  10. i was sweating soooo much after this…I'm legit out of breath

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  12. Thumbs down for the lie of suggesting you can get rid of cellulite. And putting that in the title to what? Get views from those who don't know better. Imagine if we can sue the instructor when we still have cottage cheese.

  13. I'm sure it's a great workout, but to claim that it gets rid of cottage cheese thighs, um? no. My twin is no bigger or less fit than you, yet she does have cellulite. It's frustrating when people suggest cellulite removal is possible. Reduced maybe. But honestly, research what cellulite is. Genetically you may never get it, but jumping around is not going to make it go away. And I doubt this instructor is that naive. More like she's playing on other people being naive. Why don't y'all just buy all the lotions instead.

  14. man if I ever do this I will have like 4 orgabsms

  15. luvvv this !!!! totally worth it !!

  16. Muk Abin says:

    put some clothes on.. I just wanted some workout advice, but yet i have this forced on me?

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  18. chempanda says:

    i love how the title says "cottage cheese" thighs hahah

  19. Sena Baysal says:

    I have started this yesterday, done 2. I'll let you know the results ! ^^

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