You can trim your hips with a combination of great moves that only take five minutes to do. Click subscribe for more great videos:

Learn one of the best exercises to trim your hips from Brooke Burke and professional fitness trainer Autumn Calabrese in this video on hip exercises.

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42 comments on “Exercises to Trim Your Hips – Health & Fitness – ModernMom
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  2. Thierry Ana says:

    I remember seeing photos of Brooke on the beach after her 3rd birth, she looked stunning. She lost too much weight now, a bit of meat here and there is fine, it gives you a beautiful healthy body shape and you can still see the toned muscle

  3. kety hrelja says:

    PLEASE HELP!!!Does this really help?How many tried?I went through the comments but people just ain't telling did they also change their diets becausr maybe workout doesnt do it but diet does, so I need opinion does it work or is it about diet??

  4. you just did one side not both side.

  5. does this really work? doesn anyone have any proof because i have HUGE hips and I want them OFF. Does anyone have any proof that this is effective?

  6. ALAA aaa says:

    this will make the hips smaller or bigger ?

  7. Does this also help lose your stomach fat?

  8. akai says:

    lmao am I the only one who can only do 2 reps of each move without stopping? 🙁

  9. daniel smith says:

    It's a great video but I seem to start jerking off before I can get to the exercises

  10. nevs singh says:

    I need to reduce my bottom. I exercised years back and got a big round Jlo! I hate it can u give any tips … will this help?

  11. Kaze chan says:

    Does this help trim belly fat? I want to get rid of some of that.

  12. Beauty ByJas says:

    1:40 look at the girl in pink xD

  13. does anyone know how many calories this burns?

  14. najahnfs_ says:

    i swear this is great exercise. thankyou im happy

  15. subh says:

    does it really work??

  16. im doing these about 15 minutes each sides and my hips are burning as hell! day 1 completed.

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  18. MIA21 says:

    I'm so excited to do this exercise everyday!! I did it today and it was not bad at all although it did burn

  19. abna ajmal says:

    will it reduce love handles??

  20. Violna says:

    does this work on the inner thighs? 😮

  21. Zainab Salah says:

    Ok challenge on . First day

  22. Serra says:

    Okay so I am going to start doing this exercise everyday and I will keep you guys updated. It is 28th of October right now. The 1st of november till the 6th I cant do the exercises because Of some reasons etc. But I will keep you guys updated.

  23. There are several suggestions for relieving hip flexors pain quickly
    Gradually start walking further per day
    Try an anti-inflammatory diet
    Consider starting yoga classes
    Checkout some online guides
    (I discovered these and why they work on Fergs Pain Ease website )

  24. dogs!!!!! says:

    I did this about a year or 2 ago and it actually worked really well! I have started doing it every day, so maybe in a month or when people want to know how its going I'll comment on this to let you all know 🙂 Also for anyone who feels like it is impossible, TRUST me I am SO unfit like I literally cant even run 10 metres lmao but I just did it every day and maybe the 5th day I could do it with them without a break 🙂

  25. Autumn has made it big time with beachbody since this video

  26. Chai Patti says:

    wow dis video does miracles.l did dis workout for some weeks everyday and now my ass is much more trim

  27. how long does it take before you start to see results in your body

  28. Jose Flores says:

    I feel this in my saddlebags instead if my hips am i doing something wrong or it's supposed to burn like that



  31. dont know if I'm doing it wrong but I'm not feeling that much of the burnnn…
    How about you guys?

  32. Diya Motlani says:

    u do it jst One side…
    did it not done on scnd side ??

  33. There boobs are obnoxious

  34. Hey guys,

    This really works!! I have been doing for a month and my hips have cut down half in size ( and I had big hips) Trust me keep doing this! I did it once day

  35. wow, that was great for my hips, thank you!

  36. Alan Macias says:

    It looks like they were starting a porn video

  37. no one comment my mom's video they only comment yours

  38. Emily Rose says:

    These hoes tho. Grabbing their asses and trying to show their boobs

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