23 comments on “GIANNI VERSACE Full Show Spring 1997 Milan by Fashion Channel
  1. Sujata Roy says:

    awesome collection awesome models

  2. The music up until 1:39 sounds like a rough draft version of "AFX – Halibut Acid" or something.

  3. mrfedupable says:

    pretty girls and frocks, ruined by crap music

  4. sam1174 says:

    If you're looking for the thumbnail just jump straight to 6:50. The rest is just kind of meh.

  5. Tin Man says:

    Bad hair and grotesque eye makeup. I'm glad people don't really dress like that.

  6. ayy lol says:

    please post the versace fall 1998 v videos please

  7. I did not appreciate Gianni Versace as a designer until I have seen this fashion show. Now I understand how talented he really was and what kind of influence on fashion he had.

  8. Si ce n'est pas un secret D'État, un travail complet devrait faire  écrire le nom de tout les filles participant à cette parade renommé.

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  13. that is why Govt.s put out beauty grant,,the devil tries to void out the female angels

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  15. a wow moment @6:52. Who the hell did their hair?

  16. Jaden Jahci says:

    Time doesn't Fuck around.
    Tic Toc

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