21 comments on “Best Calf Workout Routine – Calf Exercises to Tone and Shape
  1. Emi Sandoval says:

    I just like to watch workout videos

  2. johisycopito says:

    it is soooo hard for me to jump on one foot from side to side… i feel like my ankle will break after the third jump and/or i will fall!

  3. Mishy Shakil says:

    And if I don't have a jump rope handy, would jumping jacks work?

  4. Yamileth says:

    What type of weights do we hold on too? I'm starting to workout

  5. Ang Jo says:

    loved this! gonna do it 3 times a week.

  6. srk ELF says:

    does this make your calves bigger or smaller??

  7. you can really feel this work your calfs! Love it 🙂

  8. Narong Nolza says:

    My calf is fat I wonder if I'm gonna do this its make my calf slimmer or become muscle and bigger than before I've confused it ?

  9. I have a question. If I don't have a jump rope, could I just pretend to have one and jump?

  10. All4Reborns says:

    Lord…I felt this one!!

  11. 120 to165 calories in 14 mins. Now that's what I'm talking about!

  12. You cant reduce fat in certain areas only over the whole body, do squats legpress hamstring curls as well as cardio to lose the fat.

  13. sam wen says:

    what can i do with my flabby calves!!!

  14. okay since im short i have big calves, and im a girl, and every girl wishes to have thin toned calves, will this help? i dont want them bulkier

  15. Julie Tamayo says:

    Hey! I have tick legs but my calves muscles are not really developed… I need advice

  16. Fatima Ahmed says:

    advice needed: Would this help tone my really slim legs? i want abit of a chunky calf!

  17. cool Singh says:

    i m a boy of 15 and there is a wide layer of fats around my thighs and calves..
    by doing the above exercises can i reduce them and in how many days?????

  18. Megan Koh says:

    Would this help tone and slim my very muscled and big calfs?

  19. Bruno Brito says:

    How many times at a week I have to do these exercises ? my calves is thin

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