41 comments on “Cardio Fat Blast Workout
  1. Leigh C says:

    how many calories does this workout burn???

  2. tintuu says:

    lol I gave a like now for her actions and enthu while doing and speaking with smile while doing lol…I remember Shakira's Belly dance lol when seeing this..

  3. Kemi M. says:

    Started this workout when i was 15 yrs old. I lost 8lbs in two weeks by doing this wrkout twice a day and by eating clean and small portions for brkfst and dinner. for lunch i ate bad given i was in highschool… they only sold delicious fatty foods. but now im gonna start again at 20yrs old.. i hope to get amazing results!

  4. It s perfect for beginers! Great job.

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  6. vimoo ir says:

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  7. this is just amazing love it!

  8. Does any one else thing Denise looks like a young version of Teri Garr?

  9. i think that this workout burns 50-60 calories it depends inother stuff too but if it burnw 50 -60 cals don't think that they are not many enough. for 10minutew they are pretty good because you burn almost 5 cals a minute abd this is not easy, just think that jumping jucks burn 6-7 a miute but no one can do jumping jucks for 10 minutes

  10. Kohai Moon says:

    im going to start doing this at least once a day, do you guys think that would benefit? (likely 2)

  11. Don't Know says:

    I love all of Denise's workout videos once you get into it, it's fun and u rlly will sweat!

  12. I've been doing this everyday now for a week or two. the last time I did her workouts it helped hopefully it will this time too

  13. Amir Khan says:

    After watching this video I just have to share this because I spent years going from diet to diet without seeing any results until I saw Dianas magic plan (i found it on google). It is without a doubt the best weight loss that I have ever achieved and i have kept it off to this day.

  14. I would exercise a week with this video. It is great, I hope to get this video fitness

  15. Rach ie says:

    I love this work out great to do at home. can someone tell me how many calories this work out burns pls.


  17. and easy i burned just one pound

  18. Mira Kings says:

    Gosh this lady is amazing!!

  19. I actually sweated a lot from doing this. It was really fun!

  20. mel delvalle says:

    love it very effective day 1!
    notice that i burnt alot of butter! yay

  21. awesome workout everrrrr…………

  22. FlashToso says:

    ::Cardio-Athletic(Variations of each)
    @Warm Up Stretch
    @Knee Lunge
    @Lunge Punch
    @Run & Bicep Curls
    @Ski Drill
    @Hamstring Curls & Pulls
    @Kick & Reach
    @Knee Up & Twist
    @Cool Down Stretch

  23. Lavin Dara says:

    Possibly the only supplement that will ever work for me, well that's because it's my first time taking these and I don't intend on changing it. Weight loss green store tea made me lose 14 lbs in just a couple of weeks! I was shocked and I thought my weighing scale broke, it did not.

  24. ayaq mineral says:

    I lost 14kg by doing this workout.. In about 5 month.. Just 12 minute but it making me shower in sweat.. If you wanna lose some weight please try this.. But don't force yourself to do exactly like them.. Just do what you can.. Highly recommended..

  25. pączuś says:

    can I work it out in 1st trimester? I've been doing it before I knew about pregnancy… but in the beginning I feel fat, I got extra 3 kg… just in 8 weeks. Trying stay fit.

  26. how to download this video i cant get url

  27. I am starting this workout today and i am taking nutrients and vitamins that i have a bussines of. I weight 246 lbs. right now, i will tell you in 3mo. how much I've lost.

  28. İnna cenker says:

    This tea work wonders! I lost 5 pounds after just using it for 12 days! And by the time the 30 days was done I lost a total of 8 pounds, I will definitely be ordering Weight loss green store tea again!

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