41 comments on “Celebs React To Adele Beating Beyonce At The Grammys 2017
  1. ZozeedXX says:

    I hate that everyone acts like adele didn't deserve album of year

  2. When Adele won Best Song, Record of the Year, and 2 other categories…eventually she won Album of the Year! Get over with it, she won!

  3. MUSIC IS ART AND ART IS SUBJECTIVE ! So there is nothing to disagree on here… if Adele won it's bc she deserved it… if Beyonce won other awards for so many years it's bc she deserved it… nothing last forever not even queen B

  4. I'm team Music so I love them both

  5. Yeah, let's just select a black winner, because their black. That will lead to equality won't ig


  7. Lost Things says:

    I'm #TeamMe neither one of those women care about us.

  8. beyoncé crying because she didn't win .. who cares that she didn't win? why would that put a damper on your mood or life. that's extremely childish and ignorant.

  9. but why are you calling her bay though?

  10. Binary Void says:

    During her 2017 Grammy performance, Beyoncé was representing OSHUN: the African goddess of beauty, love, prosperity, order and fertility. She is a popular orisha (Supreme Divine spirit) from the Yourba religion based mainly in Nigeria. OSHUN's blonde hair, crown, and yellow drapery are often depicted in ancient African art.

    She was sharing with us her cultural heritage and honoring her ancient ancestors. She even included dancers of various races into her performance. She was using this mythology character in celebration of motherhood for all mothers. It was beautiful, it was educational, and I learned something new.

  11. Adele is on another level above Beyonce …waaaaaay above !!!!!!!

  12. Garth says:

    Okay let me put all of this in perspective..Adele tours UK and Ireland then USA and now Australia…She has had many detractors telling her she will ruin her voice at this rate..She needs to calm down..Secondly 25 out sold lemonade ten times over probably because of the above and because it was the better album.You get in life what you put in

  13. I love Beyonce but then Adele is also so awesome,They BOTH deserved that award and since Adele just managed to take it I like the speech she gave!Both did great!!!!

  14. Joy Jackson says:

    How dare you try to put us against each other! Adele and Beyoncé would want us to be united even with our differing opinions

  15. freedom dove says:

    Carlos Santana says Adele won because she can actually sing. Lol.

  16. Amy Green says:

    Team Adele. Beyonce is great. I just love Adele so much. Amazing voice, songs and all-around beautiful person.

  17. FT B says:

    it's NOT about whether you're Team Beyoncé or Team Adele…wtf pay attention to get Grammy speech. it's about two amazing artists standing up and showing praise for each other. the beautiful unity of strong woman and security of being able to express that in the first place. shout out to Adele for being honest and humble and speaking her mind. and shout out to Beyoncé for her grace and poise. both women are amazing, supportive ladies. unity. not teams. #RiseAbove #Unity #Honor #GivingCreditWhereCreditIsDue

  18. Team Beyonce, but my admiration for Adele just went up by a lot. They are BOTH AMAZING, even though beyonce should have one

  19. Danny White says:

    This whole team bullshit is quite pathetic, why can't we be happy for both of them, they are both talented and will continue to amaze us all with great music, everyone just chill and look forward to their next respective albums.

  20. blahblahblah says:

    Dear white people,

    stop calling BEyonce BAY. Thanks.

  21. B has won countless awards. I believe Adele makes "safe" records that everyone can play and relate to also. No cussing, sexual shit, I think it may have added points not to mention Adele is a beast on the mic. She deserved it

  22. SONI Rikam says:

    i will chose Queen Beyonce and Queen Adel …. i truly dont want to chose at all …. i like all of them ….

  23. Amelia Mason says:

    I think the grammars r just silly music just shouldn't be completion but sadly it is

  24. Adele won deal with it ! bey music sounds like a hot mess .bye girl !

  25. Ribea Watson says:

    I love them of them danm lol danm Beyonce already got 2 awards no 4 the babies lol

  26. fast emo says:

    im with the one who wrote most off there album on there own and who also played some off the instruments on there album , that will be adele! unbeatable talent but got to respect bey thou

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