24 comments on “1000 Calorie Workout for 4 Million Subscribers! At Home Workout to Burn 1000 Calories
  1. What the f with those quick feet + burpee at the end??? My legs were dead. Congrats on the 4 million suscribers! Great workout, I was sweating buckets as Kelli would say. Thank you thank you.

  2. Excellent workout. You both are knowledgeable and humble which makes you safe to workout with and also fun. Your continuous coaching is interesting and useful to me and I congratulate you for this 4 million subscriber milestone. You deserve it and I do tell my friends.

  3. Did this, i'm writing this from beyond the grave but, hey! At least i burned 1000 calories

  4. Just finished! I did the hard level with Daniel. The HIIT was killer but the stretch felt great! Loved every minute- thank you!

  5. that fckng cardio on the end, i want to kill someone for real, tnx god i dont have energy :'D

  6. peggymac75 says:

    Workout complete! This was awesome – my favorite 1000 calorie yet…thank you FitnessBlender!

  7. maggiex312 says:

    Just finished this. My word…I had no energy at the end of this. I may have said piss off when I heard burpees at the end lol. Didn't burn 1000 calories, burned 631. I know I'll feel it tomorrow. Many thanks!!

  8. Bloom says:

    I had to pause after the hiit workout. It's the next day. I'm sore and ready for the strength training portion! :p

  9. Rajnish B says:

    Thank you from a dedicated fan in Mauritius. You have brought sunshine into my life and it's such a pleasure to work out everyday watching your videos. Keep up the Awesome work!!!

  10. Where's the LOVE button?!!???!! This was awesome. I'm toasted. #workoutcomplete Thank you so much #FitnessBlender!!!!! P.S…. I always love the videos with both of you in them! 🙂

  11. This workout really took it out of me, but I loved it. I really liked how there was the option of an easy version and a hard version so i could switch it up depending on how exhausted I was at that time! Keep up the amazing work, please! You're inspirations!

  12. Congratulations guys. I train other's so its nice to have someone tell me what to do for a change and it feels like I have some company when I work out with Fitness Blender. Thanks a million. loved your article in the Wall Street Journal

  13. Lily Lu says:

    Paused for a few seconds a couple times, but surprised I actually made it, good job to everyone!!

  14. John Paul G says:

    I see you guys have trained the dog to do the camera work huh. Great job!

  15. Kruti Naik says:

    I have paid for FB 8 week programme but every time i try to log in on the website, my Mozilla gives me error "secure connection failed" plz HELP.

  16. Danny Koordi says:

    Congrats on the 4 million subs and the WSJ feature! You guys deserve it 🙂

  17. Congrats on your 4 million subs! I love all your workouts! I loved THIS workout! And I love you guys! Thanks for everything you do!

  18. Jeseetv says:

    I can't belive i did that!!! :O

  19. i workout with kelly every day you guys should see my legsssssss

  20. Meghan Jones says:

    You guys are seriously the BEST! I am always amazed at how much you know and what you teach. I love how you preach moderation, huge supporter of this and what you two are doing. Congrats on 4 million!!

  21. si t says:

    i would like to see more 1000 calories workouts

  22. Who workout in underwear???? lol

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