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Best Lower Abs Home Workout. No more excuses to burn Belly Fat and get rid of Muffin Top. This short 90 secs Lower Abs workout will target and burn the unwanted tummy fat successfully.

So stop saying you do not have time to workout! Do me a favour and spare only 90 seconds a day. =)
Each moves are explained in detail and easy to follow.

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23 comments on “How to Get a Flat & Sexy Tummy. Best 90Secs Lower Abs Workout! No More Excuses!
  1. Manual Aston says:

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  2. and at what time u wake up at the morning ?? can i do exercises at any time or it's compulsory to do at morning time ONLY ???

  3. plzz i request u to reply me as soon as possible ..DON'T IGNORE ME.!

  4. hi joanna…how r u ? I am talking from qatar..i love your exercises but few of them i can't able to do it..so ,i want to know what is ur age exactly ?? because in some of your wikipedias there it's written that u r 54 yrs and sometime 27 yrs..so plz reply and tell me ..and sorry for asking u alot of questions ..what is the name {BRAND} of your shoes plz tell me because it seems soo comfortable.. and i wish that u come at my home and train me each and everything like u r my trainer teacher 🙂 <3 AND I AM 18 years old … plz reply :))

  5. Jen Jiang says:

    My back always hurts a lot when doing these workouts, any other suggestions?

  6. is it normal that i get a boner watching you ? xd

  7. Sandra T. says:

    Awesome workout!!! You totally feel it 🙂

  8. Hi Joanna, I put on some weight 2 months ago and am keen on reducing it. Your videos are great and motivating! Can you make a video on reducing flabby arms, please?

  9. Dat Phung says:

    really burns my abs, thanks!

  10. Wilson Lao says:

    I did the flat tummy in 5 minutes I am not sure I am going to do this one

  11. Nasreen Naaz says:

    omg this burned my abs thank u

  12. If u ask me how I'm feeling ! I'm dying !

  13. MontseM says:

    how many calories do you burn in this workout? 🙂

  14. Who Knows says:

    Hey guys i am starting this workout today and i will post the effects on 10 April wish me luck

  15. Deathshot says:

    gonna do this 3 sets for a month.day 1 complete.

  16. Manny Singh says:

    hi u r very amazing
    I have questions
    1) I have 38 inches of waist and tummy can I get 6 pack abs with these exercises u demonstrate
    2) how much time I have to this each day if u have to make my waist 29 inches in 3 months

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