brings you this very powerful home leg workout. If you hate having skinny legs then this workout is just for you! 7 exercises desinged to help you build strong sexy legs fast! This workout will hit your full lower body.


24 comments on “The Best Home Leg Workout Ever! No More Skinny Legs!
  1. EL La says:

    My legs doesnt get bigger.been doing that kind of exercise since high school but to no avail..

  2. Where is this guy from? He sounds like he was born in Netherlands but picked up an Aussie accent aswell

  3. Juan Bravo says:

    fucking i use steroids fuck this shit

  4. Bharat Mata says:

    excellent video,  great exercise

  5. Mcgregor says:

    Is it heavy to get big leggs ?

  6. im ABSOLUTELY new to workout

    will this work for me ? i have VERY skinny legs !

  7. V W WILSON says:

    typical workout with no results for people with skinny legs

  8. He's.. he's being serious with this accent ?

  9. bthvnyt says:

    The best way to increase leg size is stop doing bench press. You might have to just do leg work-outs for a yr or so. And keep the work-load down to a single set of perfect form med wt squats 15-25 reps leading to max pump. Also do a single set of calf raises about 30 reps. Every third day. That's is all you need. Your problem is you lack sufficient muscle fibers in your legs and you can only do so much with a condition like that. But you can improve somewhat.

  10. nataliaoch 2 says:

    Good legs men, I ll do it in this way, it really works.

  11. Joe Garcia says:

    I like the background music 🙂

  12. Joe Garcia says:

    My legs won't grow. They just get defined.

  13. Paul Devassy says:

    hey -i've knee pain ,will it increase if I perform this workout?

  14. Just another video that shows thighs and calves exercises. Just like all the other videos. None really shows how to bulge the lower leg around the ankles.

  15. Magnus M says:

    I think only hiit, jump squart or sprint would make ur legs bigger and much mo like male model. Smooth legs.
    Long run probably makes lean muscle but not explosive

  16. zing ra says:

    lol..  the English though

  17. Maria Gomez says:

    Can you do this if you are a women with skinny legs? how long would it take to see result? (i am guessing 2 months?)

  18. I would love to do dat exercise cuz I hve think leg.but I dnt hve any weight lift or dumb ball.wat should I do.

  19. Joyface D says:

    hey there, same question, which set is the best? and how many times I should do for each set? and how long should I get stronger legs? 
    I don't like being skinny,so I need a very effective way to be better!!!!

  20. Shit in the army it was a lot simpler they just made us run 8 kilometers through harsh terrain

  21. What if I don't have a big ball????

  22. ATAHUALPA867 says:

    Thanks buddy.I know funny to see guys big top part and skinny legs. Will do them need for my biking strength.

  23. Giri Sankar says:

    Go google Muscle Maker Method to find out how a groundbreaking discovery made an average guy buff.

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