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So, lets talk about how to do a jumping jack. Your definitely gonna see jumping jacks as, a part of your warm up and even a part of your workout in many boot camps, because they’re one of those great exercises where your getting movement in your upper body, your getting movement in your lower body, its cardiovascular and you don’t need any equipment. So you can use it to warm up, you can use it as an interval, like a high intensity interval in-between a strength move where you wanna bring your heart rate up


45 comments on “How to Do a Jumping Jack | Boot Camp Workout
  1. Justin Mylo needs to do this for sure

  2. fascinující jak o jednoduchém cviku,který jde vysvětlit za 15 sekund někdo dokáže kecat 2 minuty)) chčiju smíchy))

  3. thank you for giving this information.

  4. mahmut içme says:

    Abla neden memen yok :QWDWQDWQ

  5. Lee Jordan says:

    thank you..I'm using jump jacks in my workout now…thanks for advice on soft knees

  6. Good thing for the non jumping option. Had ankle surgery a few months back and still trying to get the proper motion back.

  7. i exercise for brain how bout you?

  8. Adam D says:

    She's got a man's body

  9. Hi can i know for womens who are beginners how many reps can she do jumping jacks exercise ? I means if do jumping jacks 40 reps or 50 reps a day is it okay ? ..
    and is jumping jack exercise really can lose fat ? if a beginner do jumping jack 40 reps a day is it really they fat can melt ?

  10. Nad ID says:

    Aww. Her body is perfect.

  11. Rebecca A says:

    amazingness. motor learning is super cool and if you've never done one of these it can take a while to learn 😛

  12. Thanks, I was looking for this. I have the problem you stated near the end; my knees tend to buckle inwards, no matter how much I try to go "forwards" instead…. do you have any advice on how to remedy this? It's really weird :/

  13. epiultra says:

    she was on INSANITY!!! 🙂

  14. andy k says:

    this lady is beautiful !!! amazing body!!!

  15. princess jin says:

    those muscles(●__●)

  16. Missrobiii says:

    Hi dear!  I've started 30 days shred 16 days ago…I've got loft knee ache …why??

  17. she looks like a Channing Tatum in female version

  18. cries I want to lose weight and be fit. not become muscular like her

  19. nor farezwan says:

    Eiuuu your body like a man.

  20. This like a dude in a dress lol

  21. Leah Webb says:

    tank for letting me know how to do it

  22. Am bika says:

    oh lol..jumping jack is jumping star

  23. JuanPAT says:

    wow so Sarah Connor is now making youtube workout videos… cool!

  24. she have better arms then some guys in my class … xD
    (i mean boys) ;D

  25. Mark Carlin says:

    In England we call them star jumps

  26. Freda M says:

    you sure do have muscles girl

  27. I was just noticing that my knees go in. Thanks!

  28. It you do 7,000 jumping jacks you can loose one pound.

  29. hannah mckay says:

    so its just star jumps?! im aussie.

  30. i never thought about my knees while doing this, thanks. I will pay more attention to my knees and proper positioning them ect,,

  31. tarani yadav says:

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  32. Audrey says:

    Wow i Don;t know why i am whaching this beacuse i'm only 10 a

  33. bob saget says:

    This chick is jacked!

  34. im in with this lmfao x]

  35. hypergoeffel says:

    listen and you will now it 🙂 It's helpful for beginners (y)

  36. hypergoeffel says:

    xD no. she is just not wearing a push up bra

  37. hypergoeffel says:

    she just doesn't wear a bra. her top pushes the breasts to the body so they dont move so much when she jumps.

  38. Melanie C. says:

    1:40 that's what you're looking for

  39. Maram Yousef says:

    Gash ur upper part looks like a man !!

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