Upper and Lower Body Workout at Home?

Here’s what you need to get fit:

1) five minutes and
2) you.

This Upper and Lower Body Workout at Home uses no equipments. It was designed to burn calories and tone muscles in whatever time you have. The key is working on each exercise at your max intensity for 50 seconds, in between every move, try to rest 10 seconds, and then move to the next. (again, as hard and fast as you can).

1. Crawl out
2. Jump Squats
3. Double Jump Squats
4. Punches
5. Split Lunges & Squat Pumps

After exercising with all these moves, I guarantee you’ll be sweating.

If you have more time, rest for a minute and then complete the circuit two or three more times. 🙂

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6 comments on “Upper and Lower Body Workout at Home
  1. Oh, keep this in mind, you can work out a couple of times with these moves. and also you can take a break in between these moves and when you want to get back at it, just time it 45 seconds 🙂

  2. This is easy and motivational. I do enjoy the privacy of workouts at home. Keep up the good work! #healthnuts

  3. I love all your videos, literally helps me to drag my ass out of bed. Sometimes it really hard to find time to exercise, with work and school, but doing some simple workout at homes is always a bonus, it really helped me and i will be looking forward to more of your videos.

  4. jbernard1234 says:

    That was great, ready to work up a sweat trying this at home hahah. The video itself was really well done, keep it up!

  5. Question of the day: If you also prefer working out at home, please giving this video a thumbs up; If not, comment down below, what are your faviorite method to exercise? I would love to hear all of it 🙂

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