Denise Austin: Abs- Office Workout is a short but effective workout that focuses on sculpting the abs, slimming the waistline, and tightening the oblique muscles through a series of exercises that can all be done right from your chair. Expert Trainer, Denise Austin proves that you no longer have to let long hours at the office keep you from the fit body that you desire. Look and feel your best as you engage the muscles in your core, stretch your back, and improve circulation right from your desk! For more office workouts from Denise Austin, click here:

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38 comments on “Denise Austin: Abs- Office Workout
  1. Thank you so much for this Abs office workout. I do yoga on my breaks but this is a good in-between small break!

  2. Ashley Emery says:

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  3. Sophie Webb says:

    This woman sounds like she has been smoking for the past five years

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  5. Niesje1985 says:

    Hahah I did..and felt it right away in my abdomen XD

  6. Love the exercises..but the last one will definitely brake your office chair..!

  7. CS Laurie says:

    I came on here to read comments about others success or failure with these exercises and all I read is arseholes selling Clickbait ads.

  8. hello mam as ,I had undergone appendicitis operation seven years back so is dat okay to do dis exercise to reduce belly wieght..???

  9. Yvette K says:

    cool thank you for sharing

  10. Zubiila says:

    Is it enough to do this 3 minutes a day (like by simply following the video from start to end) or should you repeat?

  11. Dani says:

    This was very energizing!

  12. brightbite says:

    This seems to only work the muscles in my legs. :/

  13. Yvette K says:

    good workout for myself and really easy thanks

  14. thanks for da vdo…I'm trying it!

  15. mrkrud says:

    lol just broke my office chair picking myself up on the handles XD careful if your office give you cheap stuff

  16. I felt that , sheeeesh lol

  17. Eltsu 80 says:

    Thank you 🙂 this was very good and effective! You're such a positive person Denis 🙂 keep going!

  18. WingMeTips says:

    your face looks like your trying to hold in a shit

  19. I like the fact that she gives off a kind persona.

  20. good stuff , I feel it. yay yay

  21. Thank you Denise for sharing your 5 minute exercises, it actually helps me target all the areas I dont't focus on.  After watching your videos I cancelled my gym membership coz I can now do everything from the comfort of my home and watch over my little baby too.

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  25. This is a great idea, sitting in an office all day is one of the worst things you can do to your body.

  26. This is an excellent idea. I work a lot in front of my PC everyday and sometimes I have backache. With these exercises I can train my abdominals and fresh my muscles a bit. Thank you very much shearing with us.

  27. Alok Kumar says:

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  32. TheAbStand says:

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