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On today’s episode of XHIT, fitness trainer Kelsey Lee shows you how to get rid of that pesky back fat. Learn how to lose the spare tire around your gut and start getting that v cut we all want. Follow along and let us know what you thought!

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23 comments on “How to Lose Back Fat
  1. Nora White says:

    how many kilos are those dumbbells?

  2. If you are looking for the best workouts guide you should check these guides from Unflexal .

  3. nina paige says:

    Yay! Glad I found your videos! One of the best workout vlogs on YouTube! ❤️

  4. Defne Tanyer says:

    I live for that pump yea!! 🙂

  5. Star Wars says:

    she talks to much just work the muscle dame

  6. 마일이 says:

    plz.. Just Kill me..:*[

  7. Alexis Rosas says:

    Around how many calories would this routine burn?

  8. Love your Workouts can you do one for armpit fat?

  9. Dabas Lalit says:

    hello I have also back fat problem if I start this workout today how much times after I will get a good shape of my back told me plz

  10. Kim Fella says:

    Instead of trying to look pretty, pull your hair back into a pony tail and get to business. It's annoying watching you messing with your hair and bangs constantly. This isn't a beauty contest.

  11. Kelsey Lee I love this workout. Since my foot toe is broken and I can't jump around the room, these exercises are perfect 😀

  12. Do this even work for back fat ? Looks more for arms !

  13. Benazer noor says:

    your hair are disturb to workout

  14. Divya Mishra says:

    @XHIT Daily how many sets i should do? Like one is enough for 18 mins workout or 3 sets?

  15. Iryna says:

    For every like I get I will not each junk food for that amount of days.

  16. Is this for lower back or upper back fat?

  17. Wow!! Got me sweating like crazy! Intense!!

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