Here are 4 of the best exercises to build up the side of your butt. Building the side of the butt makes your booty rounder and more balanced! This area gets left out so often in other workouts, it is super important to focus on it as well. This is also one of the hardest parts of your booty to build so start putting in that work! Let me know how you guys like it!

The workout:
– Squats with a leg raise
– Side to side hops
– Fire hydrants
– Side to side lunges

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19 comments on “Exercises For a Rounder Butt!
  1. Loice XLl says:

    ik this is werid but o only do glute bridges to get bigger but is that bad or should I just do more exercises besides glute bridge

  2. On a more serious note it was helpful I felt it in my lower back btw but I was happy with my results thnx so much if I could pay u front I would

  3. Yeah helpful to horny boys ugh perverts

  4. I don't think you can get bigger but with exercise. If you werent born to have it it wont be yours…. Thats why so many people are doing surgery to get it

  5. Helen Elenes says:

    How many days of week should I do this?

  6. Casey McCosh says:

    I'll be doing this for a month every second day and following a healthy diet. If you want me to update let me know

  7. i always thought doing workouts on the side like the first exercise would take away your hips which would reduce your curve. lol but i guess not?

  8. Great video will do this daily at work. thank you.

  9. Aria Pringle says:

    I have a question I definitely don't wanna loose my assignment :). So wen I'm doing squats sd I squeeze my glutes or wd it make it smaller? I'm trying 2 lift it

  10. ALEX Jime says:

    finally a good vid I feel like u r my traitor subscribed 🙂

  11. ALEX Jime says:

    finally a good vid I feel like u r my traitor subscribed 🙂

  12. love this workout! i wear my fat burner belly band around my belly and also wear my ankle weights while doing this workout 🙂

  13. Ever Try the TotalWave By Gabby Reece?

  14. love it started yesterday gonna stick with it I'm super sore I also use10 lb ankle weights on each ankle

  15. bob johnson says:

    "Hey ladies" but I want a booty too

  16. Amir HR says:

    does this help with cellulite?

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