In today’s video I just gonna show you how I train my lower body at gym. Actually I train my legs and butt 3 times a week and I have 3 different programs for that. But today I’ll share with you guys my first combination of exercises which I call fast paced strength workout, built on high speed, low reps, and heavy weight. If you’d like to follow my 2 other exercise combinations, don’t forget to subscribe and I’ll show them in my next fitness episodes.

This program was kindly developed by Alex, my best friend and hubby, all rolled into one. This intense workout will build a nice round butt and sexy athletic legs. And it includes 4 exercises per 5 sets with 8 repeats and full range of motion. 2 first are just warm up sets where I do exercises with minimal weight and then 3 others I try to do with my maximum weight. The rest time between is 2-3 minutes.

Exercises included into my first lower body workout:

Warm up:
Cardio + Hyperextensions

Main Part:
Glute Bridge on Smith Machine
Smith Machine Deadlift
Smith Machine Rear Lunges
One Leg Cable Kickback

I hope you guys enjoined this video. We together with my friend and also a talented videographer, Artur Akhankov, had so much fun making it and we’re so excited to get this video out for you guys!

To know more about the team, Akhankov Production, who helped to film this video, visit their websites and





15 comments on “Lower Body (Big Butt Building) Gym Workout Part 1
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