40 comments on “FIT ZONE Level-5 – HIC-Cardio – Men & Women by Guru Mann
  1. Khan's Life says:

    How much calories this workout will burn?

  2. Sapna Singh says:

    how do i level 1,2,3,4,5 in 1 week ?

  3. Amir Das says:

    supb .. video .. any one can be fit from home itself … make india fit ?

  4. In shot TV says:

    bhai app dono romance sa pehli Issi Tarah wormup karta ho na.

  5. In shot TV says:

    sir please give a review on Litti chokha

  6. can we do this after gym instead of cardio for fat loss?

  7. Arun Anvekar says:

    Guru Mann bhai hgh ke bare me ek review dijiye bhai

  8. Thasneef E.A says:

    sad no subtitle. I am deaf. i cannot hear

  9. sir akshay kumar ko review karona

  10. Isha Kwatra says:

    Hello sir
    How much calories we burn in 4 rounds

  11. Noor Sherani says:

    What is your email address? how can we ask questions from you regarding our diet and exercise??

  12. Sir can my father ( 52 yrs , diabetic ) and mother ( 50 ) follow fitzone series ?

  13. mukesh kumar says:

    sir weight loose karna iske liye diet or exercise bataye

  14. Bich mai lala kya tha bhai

  15. sarthak gg says:

    The links in the description are not working

  16. Gaurav Kumar says:

    guru Mann sir plz make a programme to cure postural deformity

  17. Joseph Gelb says:

    This is the best guy on utube

  18. best comedy says:

    sir i want to know that is there any exercise for height growth?

  19. Shubh Desai says:

    Hey can I workout at night because my parents refused to send me gym they said they will send when I turn 18 and im 16 now. So I do workout at home I do skipping, weights, and two types of push ups. And also I want to know will I get strong with only these exercises? And yeah I workout at 9:30

  20. Sir how can I contact by email?? please…

  21. Vivek Singh says:

    never skip leg day 😛

  22. Smhow its Similar to tabata training, isnt it TABATA? . @gurumann

  23. When I saw the thumbnail I missread the title "friend zone"

  24. sir pls do a video on overtraining

  25. Mann u r d best
    pls give a intense whole week workout 4 teenagers in gym pls

  26. Jon Staus says:

    Please share your steroid diet plan as well. ThanksX

  27. height bdaane ke liye koi produc he kyaa aapne height kaise bdaaye

  28. Ahmed Raza says:

    sir mera question hai ke
    workout se pehle underwear pehnna kio zarori hai

  29. Crap Bag says:

    guru paaji.. please review… ZAGO Body Buddy(330ml ready to drink with BCAA's (20gm protein)
    (costs 100bugs)
    its a new growing product in indian market.

  30. sir plz review on pro gainer

  31. Sandy Verma says:

    dear guru maan sir,
    i have some questions ??
    i am following your pure mass program.
    1. can we take creatine in moring 5 o clock empty stomach.
    2. after that can we take milk after workout .

    please reply

  32. Md Ahmed Gym says:

    hi sir….
    sorry for question
    magar a question zaroori hai mere liye. plz tell me sir
    can I use this season August
    6 week shredded program…
    kya my is season me ( August ) me ( 6 week shredded program ) use karsakta ho plz plz please tell me sir?????

  33. Jas hanjra says:

    which nutrition plan of yours should i follow? in ordre to lose wait !!

  34. +guru mann sir have a very much concern about artificial sweeteners in whey protein isolate
    is it safe? for long term

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