Yog Mudras for High BP

Yog Mudras not only has positive effects on physical health, but it is a great way to improve mood and manage psychological stress. People with mild hypertension if practice these healing Mudras daily for two to three months will experience significant decreases in their blood …Read More

Could All Healing (Surgery Including) Be Due to Placebo?

In medicine, the placebo effect is observed when a patient gets better due to a sugar pill. In such cases, it is presumably the patient’s belief in the treatment (not the treatment itself) that effectuates the healing. But did you know that the placebo effect …Read More

Why Healthy Eating Is So Good for Hypermobility Syndrome Sufferers

So, we all know that eating healthily is good for us. We hear it enough times. It’s something we ‘should’ do. But I want to give you a personal take; make it real to you. I want you to know how much of a difference …Read More

Selective Mutism Or Autism?

My daughter was diagnosed with autism in May 2008. For several months after getting the diagnosis I had a very hard time believing it. Many people told me it can be very difficult to accept your child is autistic but the quicker you accept it, …Read More

What You Should Know About Allergy Induced Autism

Allergy induced autism has only been recognized by scientists and doctors for a relatively short time since the “discovery” of autism. Since being recognized, its presence has become increasingly common; in line with the increase in autism cases. Those who are at the highest risk …Read More

Think and Get Slim – How to Lose Weight the Easy Way

Are you desperate to lose weight , but don’t know how? Have you tried one method after another and still failed to lose weight consistently? Sometimes, you seem to progress a little, and then as the fight gets tougher, and the temptation …Read More

Taking Laxatives and Birth Control Pills

A common problem affecting people in the present day sedentary lifestyle is Constipation. It is not therefore surprising to see how hugely popular laxatives are. Laxatives are drugs, food items, or any other lubricant substance, used to stimulate bowel movements, mostly to treat constipation. While …Read More

Very Low Dose Birth Control Pills For Perimenopausal Women

Are you rejoicing in the signs that your body is getting ready to say ‘goodbye’ to your period and you are looking forward to throwing out your birth control? Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security – if you are still getting …Read More

The Fat Loss Secret That Makes Dieting Easy

What is the best diet for fat loss? Everyone has a favourite; Atkins, Paleo, low carb-high fat, high carb- low fat, intermittent fasting, IIFYM. The list goes on and on… ‘Gurus’ will spout the magic of their sacred diet they swear by …Read More